Frequently Asked Questions

What if baby wants feeding during the shoot?


What if baby won’t settle?

Where is the studio? How do I get to you?

What if my Toddler Won’t Cooperate?

What if I need to cancel?

What if baby poos/pees/vomits?

I hate being photographed! How do we deal with that?

I also want to bring my school aged children to the photo shoot, can I do that?

Can I bring a friend? I’m nervous about coming on my own?

Can I take photos on my Phone during the Photo Shoot?

What Should We Wear?

Contest Terms and Conditions


What is it Going to Cost?

Can Parents be in Newborn Photos?

When Should We Book for Newborn Photography?

Asian sister cuddling baby brother in a basket. Black and white photo.Can Siblings be in Newborn Photographs?