Nearly Newborn

Bring Your Baby When You are Ready

Ideally newborn sessions are held within the first two weeks of your baby arriving when they are super sleepy and easily curl up into signature newborn poses. But not every new parent feels ready to bring their little one out into the world straight away. If a little bit of time is needed at home to adjust to your new life together then that’s fine by us! You need to do what is right for you and your baby and we are happy to make your baby portraits for you whenever you are ready.

Focus on What is Important for your Baby

What is important right now is building that beautiful bond between you and your new baby. The portraits we’ll create for you will be a reflection of this. Timeless, natural and all about your baby.

Every little one is different and has different needs, and we are all ready to cater for whatever these may be. Some little ones come along and they simply snooze through their whole baby photo session, others need a bit more support. So we’ll have you on hand for feeding and cuddles as much as is needed. We are firm believers in listening to baby and letting your little one lead their photoshoot.

three month old baby with teal wrap and headband.
Creating the Portraits You Want

When you arrive we’ll ask you what you want from your session. You might have brought along some samples of newborn portraits that you love, or you might want to just leave it to us. You might have also brought some bits from home, we’ll have a look through the outfits and the props you’ve brought. Then we’ll have a chat about what you like and dislike and then plan your shoot routine.

Once we are all clear on what we’ll be doing during your session we’ll get you comfy in our lovely old leather chairs. Then we’ll introduce your baby to the posing table. We like to start the session with your baby exactly as they are when they walk through the door. They will hopefully be nice and sleepy after your drive, and so we can peel off their layers very carefully on the posing table and hopefully keep them asleep for a little while longer.

twin baby's peeping out of crate.Settling Baby

Babies love white noise, being warm and feeling safe. They often find being wrapped up is really soothing too. We’ll make their photo environment as perfect and as snug for your baby as we can. You might even pick up a few tips to help you with settling your little one at home.

If we are lucky, we’ll get as far as a round of lovely naked portraits before your baby wakes. Then we’ll pause for feeding and cuddles. When they are ready to go again we might swaddle them as this is really soothing for new babies. We can pose your baby in some of our beautiful bowls and baskets at this stage of your photoshoot. And we have a wide range of these to suit all sizes of baby.

The Pros of Bringing an Older Newborn

Your older baby is likely to be awake for part of their session so we’ll be able to capture their beautiful eyes. Another lovely pro about coming for your first baby portraits when they are a little older is they may have started smiling and responding to you which is always really special to capture.  

If your baby has older siblings we can introduce them to the shoot at this stage and encourage them to come and see their new baby all tucked in their basket. This makes for really lovely sibling portraits.

three month old baby lying with her dog.
Creating a Variety of Portraits

Next we might roll out one of our lovely bed sets for you. You might even want to get some natural family portraits at this stage – all lying down, cuddled up and looking at your baby. Or siblings together lying on their backs and looking upwards. The creative options are endless!

If you are lovers of black and white, we can bring out a dark background to complete the session. Maybe a portrait of the whole family together, or if you are not yet ready to be in front of the camera, we can do something with your arms and hands around your baby.


What Does it Cost?

A full session of up to an hour and a half is £80 and comes with a luxury metallic 10×8 print, a digital copy of the same image and membership to our lovely Portrait Club.

Or you can book a mini session of up to an hour for £50 and this comes with a luxury metallic 6×4 print.

Then for extra work, we have a range of options to suit most budgets, but we don’t ask you to make any decisions about what you want until you have seen the work and know what you are in love with.

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three month old baby lying in a basket.