First Birthday Cake Smash

You did it! Your baby is almost one and you have survived your first year of parenthood! Hasn’t the last year flown. So many changes, so much to learn for all of you. Your shoe laces are tied and you are well and truly on the stampede of parent hood. There have been a lot of laughs and a lot of tears over this past twelve months, but you’ve made it! Your beautiful, bouncing bundle is about to turn one and this needs celebrating!

Come visit us at PhotoBaby in Lancaster, for a milestone marker like no other. We love a first birthday cake smash!

first birthday boy in winter cake smash setting.

What is a Cake Smash?

But what is a cake smash I hear you say?! Originally an American idea, smashes have become more and more popular the world over these past few years. And just as it sounds, we smash a cake during the photoshoot and make lots of wonderfully messy portraits for you. Well actually, baby gets just a little bit of it, and you get to eat the rest later….sound fun?

Well we’ve added lots more to this shoot too…

How we Smash at PhotoBaby

We like to start off the session as we do with any other, with some natural, casual portraits of our birthday boy or girl. Maybe make some updated family portraits, or sibling portraits too?

We always have lots of sets ready in the studio, so you can take your pick and we’ll style everything around your taste.

Baby riding first birthday cake train.

first birthday cake smash, birthday girl and big brother. Yellow background.

Then we’ll move onto your birthday celebrations. You might bring along some special bits, or you might want to leave everything to us. We’ll have a number of conversations before hand to make sure we are all on the same page and that everything you need from us is ready.

The Cake

Our cakes are all hand made to order by our very talented baker and always look and taste amazing. She usually works from a choice of four templates that you can colour and personalise, but if you’ve seen something else that you’d like her to create, that’s fine, just send us the design and we’ll see what she can do. Alternatively, if your little one has allergies and you are concerned, you can always bring your own cake, or even fruit for them- there are no fast rules.

We’ll create a birthday party setting to suit and then if your little one has started pulling themselves up to standing, a pose with our giant one is a great way to start.

Then we’ll play at making the cake and your little one can pose as the chef du jour.

baby girl celebrating first birthday,

birthday girl with cake and peach balloon arch.

Once the cake is well made we’ll bring it out, perhaps on the cake train?

We’ll do a few clean, tea party poses with the cake and then let your little one loose. For many this is their first time trying cake so it can be very interesting to see what happens.

Each and every child’s reaction to the smash up is completely different. Some go at it very tentatively or delicately, others dive right in and tear the cake to bits. How ever your child reacts to their first birthday cake smash though, we guarantee we will create you some stunning portraits that will stand the test of time and you will treasure for the rest of your life.

How about a bubble bath?

Then when baby has had their fill, we’ll bring out the bubble bath – or bucket and clean them up while they have a fabulous splash and give us one more fabulous opportunity for portraits.

Our cake smash sessions are £90 and include up to an hour and a half of studio time, or if you already have a package with us, the cake is an additional £45.

For more information on our first birthday cake smash sessions, give us a call on 01524 555789, or drop us a line on Facebook messenger, or email photobabyenquiries*@* (take the stars out). Or just click the book now link to look at the diary and book yourself in.

First birthday boy dressed as super hero.

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