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Your Pregnancy

Your body is amazing and a maternity session is a wonderful celebration of this. These pregnant days are your first moments of motherhood. Your baby wriggling in your tummy, your beautiful pregnant glow. This magic will be over before you know it and soon the whole world will change beyond belief! A maternity photo shoot is a wonderful bit of you time to be enjoyed on your own or with your partner and a chance for us to get very creative, have a bit of fun and create images that we know your will treasure forever.

Your Style

Every portrait session is customised at PhotoBaby. We create a unique and luxurious experience every time tailored to suit your wishes and your taste. The studio is a relaxed and comfortable environment and we strive to make each and every portrait session a wonderful and memorable experience. We have won awards for both our photography and our customer service. Have a listen to what our clients say.

You want to look natural and you want to look your best. Our creative eye and sensitivity in image making, combined with our expertise in lighting and gentle posing results in portraits that are both beautiful and timeless. And we always make sure we hide the bits you don’t want on show!

When to Book

Our maternity sessions are very popular so we recommend you contacting us as early as possible. Every bump is different, but in general most of our maternity photo shoots happen at around thirty weeks. At this stage your bump is beautifully round and you won’t be feeling too tired. But don’t worry if you’ve missed this mark, we can photograph your bump right up until the moment before you pop – there are no hard and fast rules! 

What Your Session Entails

A maternity photo shoot usually lasts about an hour and a half. This allows plenty of time for outfit changes and breaks if you feel you need a rest. In the studio we have a range of set ups for you to choose from with light or dark backgrounds. We are also really lucky to have beautiful location settings just walking distance from our studio, or we can meet you somewhere if you have a place in mind.

Styling Your Shoot

To ensure we are all on the same page and know exactly what you want, we will invite you to create a pin board. Have a look on Pintrest before your photo shoot and gather together a collection of maternity photography that you love. We will design your session around these ideas. You can show us on the day, or you might want to send them through to us in advance.

As well as individual bump portraits, we can create portraits with your partner, baby’s siblings and even your dog! Just let us know in advance so we can plan your session accordingly.  And if baby’s sibling’s are coming along, we have lots of toys to keep them occupied when they are not having their photo call.



What to Wear

Your clothing will play a key element in your timeless, natural portraits. Our goal is always to create images that are simple, natural and understated so clothing should match this theme. Keep it simple, darks and lights and textures work wonderfully well. We have a stunning range of dresses and fabrics to wrap you in and if you are feeling brave enough we think there is nothing more beautiful than a naked bump carefully lit to ensure only what should be seen is.

It’s also a really good idea to bring a few bits from home to add your own personal touch. Perhaps baby’s first booties or your scan photo. Anything goes and all ideas are welcome.

Artistic Editing

Rome wasn’t built in a day and the perfect portrait also needs lots of time. For every moment spent pressing the shutter on our cameras, hundreds more are spent behind the scenes painstakingly editing your imagery to natural perfection. Each image that you choose will be lovingly worked on to bring out the best of the image and hide the elements that distract from your wonderful story of the beginnings of your family. Stretch marks, dry skin and rashes can all disappear so you can enjoy the simple beauty of your portraits. And if our model is a little tired, sometimes a little airbrush is all that is needed to bring them back to life.


Viewing and Displaying your Portraits

After your maternity photography session you will be invited back about a week later for your cinematic portrait viewing. This is a wonderful experience that will amaze you seeing your bump in such light. The experience may even bring on a few tears – we always have the tissues to hand just incase!

When you come for your viewing, this is when you will decide exactly what you want to keep and what package you want to take. Every session comes with one print and then all our packages are designed on a sliding scale. The more you get, the more value you get.

You can choose just a couple of digitals (soft copies), a print collection or sign up for a milestones package and record all of your baby’s first year. What you order is completely up to you and there will be no hard sell. All of our packages are online if you want to look them over before you come. And when we see you we’ll explain them and show you all our samples too.

Good luck with the arrival of your little one and I do hope we meet you soon. To find out more, or reserve your session please drop us a line or call us on 01524 555789. x



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Want Some Photo Tips & Vouchers?

We know your maternity portrait session will only be one tiny step in this amazing journey you are on and you are probably going to want to take more photos to record your growing bump. If you want to fill in the form, we can send you posing and photo tips to help you make your record really beautiful. We’ll also keep you up to date on baby’s development and pop in a couple of vouchers too. x

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