Sitter Photo Shoot

Learning to sit is an amazing milestone for your baby. This is their first step towards independence and it should be celebrated! We know your baby is growing faster than you can keep up, and that’s why we’re here!

The sitter stage is the perfect time for a photo shoot that will melt your hearts!

Cuteness Overload

During the sitter stage, your baby is mastering the art of sitting up independently. Just imagine those chubby cheeks, sparkling eyes, and infectious giggles captured forever – pure cuteness overload!

At this stage, your little munchkin is developing a unique personality. From curious glances to heart-melting smiles, the sitter stage allows us to capture the genuine expressions that make your baby one of a kind. Your little one is bursting with wonder at the world, giggling at your silly noises, kissing loved ones, clapping with joy and bopping to favourite songs.

Adorable Outfits Galore

Dress-up time, anyone? The sitter stage is perfect for showcasing those adorable outfits you’ve been saving. Whether it’s tiny bows, miniature suits, or playful onesies, your baby will steal the spotlight. And we have heaps of super cute outfits at the studio too. You will be spoilt for choice!

No More Newborn Napping

Say goodbye to those sleepy newborn poses and hello to a more awake and alert baby! The sitter stage brings a whole new level of interaction and engagement, making for lively and vibrant photographs.Unlike newborn shoots that require careful timing around naptimes, the sitter stage offers a more relaxed and flexible photo session. Happy and well-rested babies make for the best photo sessions!

Family Fun

Get ready for some heartwarming family moments! Siblings, parents, and even furry friends can join in on the fun during the sitter stage photo shoot, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Memories in Motion

With your baby sitting up, we can capture those delightful moments of discovery and play. From reaching for toys to spontaneous laughter, these candid shots will remind you of the joyous adventures of this special stage. And they may well have mastered tummy time too – one of our favourite poses! And lying on their back and holding their toes! So many adorable poses to capture in timeless photographs at this stage.

Treasure the Milestone

The sitter stage marks a significant milestone in your baby’s development. Celebrate this special moment in time with a photo shoot that freezes these fleeting days, allowing you to cherish them forever.

six month old boy sat on little bed.

six month old girl looking upwards.


Capture the Magic

This magic will only last a moment though! Before you know it, they will be off crawling and exploring and developing their next milestone, so let’s enjoy this while it lasts!

Natural Poses

Each session is slightly different and will be planned around your own portrait wishes. But it might go something like this: We’ll photograph your little one exactly as they are when they arrive. Then we might strip your baby down to their nappy for a series of portraits that really show off this stage of babyhood: holding their toes, tummy time and hopefully some lovely big smiles!

Heaps of Portrait Options

Then we’ll head for the big bed, and perhaps even make a couple of fully naked portraits here: a back shot to show off their peachy bottom! Everything carefully angled though to ensure no one is embarrassed by these portraits in years to come.

Next it might be time for an outfit change and we can make some sibling or family portraits.

Something a bit Quirky?

Or we can get a bit quirky, pop your little one in a bucket, or sit them in our tiny bed. Or perhaps something more classic like sitting them in the big white rocking chair or on the window sill. Just let us know what you fancy and we’ll add it to your portfolio.

At this stage little ones still get hungry quite regularly, so if we need to break for a top up, that’s fine too. Baby is in charge and we will follow their lead.

Book Your Session Today!

Don’t miss out on the magic of the sitter stage! Schedule your photo shoot now and let us capture the giggles, wiggles, and adorable milestones that make this stage so extraordinary.

Remember, they’re only little once – let’s make these moments last a lifetime!


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