What if Baby Poos, Pees or Vomits at the photoshoot?!


We like to start each session in the studio on a white background. A beautiful white blanket on the beanbag. And every-time we come to take baby’s nappy off, I can promise you that a parent will ask this same question. They will have a little panic that their baby is going to spoil the blanket.

And if we are honest, accidents happens more often than not! That’s why babies wear nappies most of the time! So don’t worry, we are prepared for every eventuality. If your baby does soil the blanket, we’ll give it a quick soak and send it off to the laundrette. And then we’ll pop a new back drop blanket down. 

It does make me laugh at how accustomed we’ve all become to this event. Before becoming a parent, the idea of getting pee or poo or vomit on you, probably made you squirm, but then baby comes along and you just have to get on with it. We are all parents as photographers so we’ve got over the poo fear and between us we have a fair few funny stories under our belts of babies peeing on the camera or pooing on our hands!

Sometimes your baby will get on a roll and poo or pee quite a lot during your visit to us. If you are planning on having some of those lovely naked baby with parent portraits, it’s a good idea to bring a spare top too, because you could end up getting covered as well. It tickles me that behind the scenes of these beautiful naked baby portraits, there was often hilarious toilet carnage happening.

And if your baby does all three while you are visiting, we class this as a hat trick!