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Your Newborn Baby is Amazing!

Tiny fingers and tiny toes that are so delicate and perfect. The way your baby reacts when you hold them and speak to them. The amazing feel of their skin and their smell! So many little things that are now the centre of your universe and make you burst with love.

Newborn baby photography is a wonderful way to welcome your little one into the world and celebrate their arrival. In just a matter of weeks your new baby will change so much, so many fleeting moments of wonder will dazzle you and then vanish in the blink of an eye.

We have made it our mission to capture a little bit of this magic so that you can keep it to savour for the rest of your life. A newborn chapter in your life has begun and a newborn portrait session is a wonderful act of love and the perfect way to mark this beginning. Creating treasures of love that we know you will cherish for the rest of your life.

award winning newborn portrait of naked baby with wooden balloon.Our Style

Every portrait session is customised at PhotoBaby, we create a unique and luxurious experience every time tailored to suit each of our clients’ wishes. The studio is a relaxed and comfortable environment and we strive to make each and every portrait session a wonderful and memorable experience. We have won numerous awards for both our photography and our customer service and all of our newborn photographers are award winning.

We absolutely love creating your newborn portraits, it gives us a wonderful, fuzzy feeling every single time! Our natural approach to posing and image making is perfect for capturing the magic of this very special moment. Each of our photographer’s creative eye and sensitivity in image making, combined with our expertise in lighting and gentle posing, results in portraits that are both beautiful and timeless.

We want your newborn baby photography to be the first of many wonderful experiences at PhotoBaby and we hope that you come and enjoy our services time and again as your little one grows. We have a long list of happy customers that keep coming back to us, some have even been with us since we first started thirteen years ago! You can listen to what they say here.

Montage of 6 portraits of a newborn baby boy in blue.

When to Book

It is never too soon for you to book! To really capture your baby’s newness, we do recommend you for your newborn baby photography session within your little one’s first four to fourteen days. During these first days your newborn will often be sleeping deeply. Allowing us to gently pose your baby and create those beautiful, curled up sleeping portraits that are such a classic signature of newborn photography.

It is not unusual for a newborn portrait session to be penciled in our diary well before baby is born. Midweek morning slots are reserved for newborn sessions when newborns are likely to be at their sleepiest and we only accept a few newborn appointments every month to ensure we have plenty of options if the booking needs to change. We understand that your first few weeks with your baby can be unpredictable and you may need to rearrange, but by booking in advance space is reserved in the diary and this appointment can be swapped as necessary.

We realise it is not always possible to bring baby within these first two weeks so do feel free to bring your baby whenever you are ready, and if we have a date booked in and it feels too much for you, just let us know and we will move your booking.

What Your Session Entails

A newborn photo shoot usually lasts about two hours. This allows plenty of time for nursing and cuddles as well as posing and portraits. We’ll start your newborn portraits on the posing table or bean bag. Focusing solely on your newborn baby to start with and all their glorious features. This is perfect for creating stunning, classic portraits of your little one. Picture them nestled amongst neutral sheepskins and curled up in gorgeous dark furs. We’ll have the studio lovely and warm and we’ll sooth your baby with white noise, and they will be very happy curled up on our heat mat. If baby does do get hungry we can stop and start as much as we need to for feeding and soothing. The session always goes at your baby’s pace.

If baby allows, and you want us to, we’ll strip them off for a series of naked portraits. Your heart is going to melt when you see your newborn baby in those super cute poses!

And then this is when we can move onto swaddled portraits. How about we prepare a range of props for you? Picture your newborn curled up on our tiny bed, or scrunched up in our wooden heart. We promise your heart is going to burst from this over load of love and cuteness! Want more? How about a tummy pose in the vintage suitcase? Or a visit to the teepee? Once again, let us know your preferences and we’ll follow your lead.

Pug dog sitting next to baby who is nestled on weighing scales. Portrait is in whites and has a vintage feel.

Siblings and Family

If your baby has siblings, they are very welcome to come along to your newborn baby photography session too. We have lots of toys to keep them occupied when they are not having their photo call. And we have a series of tried and tested techniques to pose brothers and sisters into portraits too – even headstrong two year olds! Picture them posed together on the big bed, or under the blossom tree. A beautiful capture of sibling love!

Does baby have fury siblings? No problem, your fur babies are welcome to come too, just let us know in advance so we can ensure we don’t have any other fury guests at the same time.

Then if you would like a full family portrait, we will do this at the end of the session. We’ll pose and carefully light you so that you look lovely, even if you didn’t sleep much last night! And we can even give those tired eyes a little airbrush on the finished portraits if you wish. Or if you simply don’t feel camera ready, how about a portrait of baby with your hands? It’s a great compromise and can make for very special newborn portraits!

Choose Studio Or Location?

If it feels too much to come to the studio, we also offer natural newborn photography in the comfort of your own home. We will bring the lights, posing bean bag and a selection of newborn accessories to your home where we can create a combination of studio style newborn portraits and others that incorporate meaningful parts of your home such as your nursery or bedroom.

What to Wear

Your clothing will play a key element in your timeless, natural portraits. Our goal is always to create images that are simple, natural and understated so clothing should match. In newborn baby photography we think nothing is more beautiful than a natural, naked baby and perhaps a simple blanket, wrap or bonnet. We have our own selection of these, but we also want you to bring a few things from home; your baby’s first cuddly toys and own blankets to add your own personal touch. If you want to also purchase your own bonnets or newborn photography clothing, you will find a good selection on ETSY, but do allow plenty of time for delivery as orders can often take a number of weeks.

Artistic Editing

Rome wasn’t built in a day and the perfect portrait also needs time. For every moment spent pressing the shutter on the camera, hundreds more are spent behind the scenes painstakingly editing your imagery to natural perfection. Each image that you choose will be lovingly worked on to bring out the best of the image and hide the elements that distract from your wonderful story of the beginnings of your family. Dribble, dry skin and rashes all disappear so you can enjoy the simple beauty of your baby. And for tired parents, sometimes a little airbrush is all that is needed to bring you back to life.

Viewing and Displaying your Newborn Baby Photography

After your newborn baby photography session you will be invited back about a week later for your cinematic portrait viewing. This is a wonderful experience that will have you cooing and giggling and may even bring on a few tears – we always have the tissues to hand just incase!

You have come for a professional service so we want you to have a professionally printed product to show off your work to it’s full potential. We’ve designed a range of packages that combine tangible products with digital files that suit most budgets (find out more about prices here) Our user friendly viewing software will help you tailor your favourite images to suit your chosen packages. Our signature prints are on luxurious metallic, which is really special – we’ll show you examples when you come in.

award winning portrait of newborn baby in a barrel.Good luck with the arrival of your little one and we hope to meet you all soon! Now what would you like?

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