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Lancashire’s Favourite Bump to Baby Photography Studio

(According to all our happy clients)Your newborn baby is amazing!

Your pregnancy and your baby’s first year is such a special time and it all goes by so quickly.

We can help you to capture these precious, fleeting moments. Our light and airy studio in the centre of Lancaster is dedicated to capturing the magic of this journey. Life is now, today! It is messy and wonderful and with children at the heart of it, it is bursting with love. So take stock and celebrate.

portrait of pregnant couple, man is topless with eagle tattoo on his back.

Maternity Portraits

Your pregnancy is the beginning of the most amazing journey of your life; your adventures in parenthood. So it’s a great place to start investing in your memories! Eleanor started PhotoBaby with her very own DIY bump portrait in her bedroom, and realised there and then she could be giving this special service to others.

Fourteen years on, that bump portrait is one of her most precious possessions, and maternity photography at PhotoBaby has grown into a real art form. Our upstairs studio space is dedicated to maternity photo shoots, with a private changing room and all our beautiful, bespoke dresses for you to try out posing in – no need to go investing in expensive outfits for your session, we have it all here!


Timeless, natural photography


“We’ve had beautiful images every visit!” Helen Robertson

“Wonderful staff and team!” Katherine Gibbons Pye

“Extremely patient!” Leanne Burbidge

newborn twins in a bowl.


There are very few hard and fast rules about when you should make your family portraits, but if you know you want those squidgy, sleepy, curled up posed newborn  portraits, you really want to try and come and see us within baby’s first two weeks. After that they start stretching out and don’t like to curl up as much!

We have a dedicated newborn station in the studio, with heat mats and white noise to ensure baby feels safe and secure. And it’s surrounded by all our many hats, headbands and swaddles – everything to hand. Once again you don’t really need to bring much with you, we have it all here.

Making newborn portraits is real specialism, it takes years of practice to really master handling and posing a newborn. Our caring, patient team have been likened to baby whisperers, many times!

We specialise in creating beautiful, natural images that will stand the test of time.

Treasures to mark the beginning of your journey with your beautiful family.


portrait of twins peeping out of basket.

Nearly New

Not every parent is ready to dive out of the house with baby in tow during those first few days! So that is why we offer our Nearly New service. To make sure you don’t miss out on your newborn portraits. Three months in, your baby is still very little, very new, but you have had a chance to get to know each other and find your feet. And baby might even be smiling!

This might be your first visit to us, or you might be so awestruck at how quickly your baby is growing and changing, that you just have to come back and record this stage too. Or maybe now you are ready to bring along siblings or even fury siblings?

What ever the reason we’ll set up all our extra large wooden bowls and boxes that are perfect for this stage and make sure you go away with a collection of beautiful images that you are utterly in love with.

Blink and you might miss it!

This magic only lasts a moment.

six month old baby girl sitting on the floor looking upwards.

Sitter Sessions

We love sitter sessions! When your baby reaches this stage in their milestones journey, they find everything a joy and a wonder. Pop them in a bucket and watch them laugh with glee, or strip them off to celebrate their amazing peachy bottom while they do their amazing lizard pose on our bed!

Every year around May and June we make a charity calendar and invite sitter babies to get involved, if you think your little one will be sitting around this time, give us a shout.

photo of our team winning an award.

Award Winning Master Photographers

We’ve received awards for both our image making and our customer service.

button saying our awards.

Cake Smash

Yay! What an awesome way to celebrate baby turning one, and you surviving your first year of this crazy parenthood roller coaster!

We have dozens of balloon arches at the ready, plus we also have special smash themes running every couple of months. Or you might have your own ideas which is great! Talk to us and we’ll see if we can make it happen.

Our baker is amazing too, and actually you’ll get to eat most of that cake later so win win.


Most of us a rather nervous about getting in front of the camera, but it is a really important thing to do. There are proven phycological benefits to your child when they see themselves in pictures with you. You are their hero!

Our natural light studio is very kind and flattering, but kinder still is the great outdoors. And we live in such a beautiful place so let’s celebrate it. When baby has learnt to walk, or sooner if you like, let’s go and run around in the woods, or meadows or on the beach and create portraits that really show off your wonderful bond.

How It Works

We’ll book you in for your chosen shoot (any day of the week).

You’ll come and enjoy your lovely session.

You’ll come back about a week later to view your portraits and choose which ones you want to keep (this is when you will pay for your order, or set up your payment plan).

We’ll get all your work ready and you will pop back to the studio to pick up your gorgeous collection four weeks after you have ordered it.

Ready to Book?

Give us a call on 01524 555789 or message our Facebook page.

Mother and son cuddling in the bluebell woods.

three children reading a book under a Christmas tree.

Looking for more options? We seek out any and every excuse to celebrate your family. From the spring bluebells, to quirky Easter shoots, adventures in the meadows and of course classic, timeless Christmas portraits! Take a peek.

black and white portrait of father cuddling newborn baby.

Black and white photo of pregnant woman.

Eleanor has had a long standing love affair with black and white photography. Believe it or not when PhotoBaby first started almost all the work was black and white! These days the studio has found a real love for colour too, but all the same, some images still cry out to be in black and white.

Meet Our Team

Over the years PhotoBaby has grown from a tiny mobile enterprise into the beautiful studio and vibrant talented and friendly team you can meet today.

What Does it Cost?

Session fee’s vary from £50 to £90 depending on what you want and how long you want to visit us for.

All sessions include one print, some sessions also include a digital soft copy of your favourite image too.

For extra work, we have a range of package options to suit most budgets.

A popular option is to order five digital images at £65 each, and we also offer payment plans to help you during your maternity leave.

Do You Have Some Questions?

What is baby cries? Or baby poos? What if my toddler won’t cooperate? Believe us we’ve seen it, done it, been pooed on, and at some point we’ll get the t’shirt! Anyway, what every your question, we’ll have an answer and a solution, Hopefully you’ll find it on our frequently asked questions page. If not, drop us a line or give us a call and we will answer them for you in person. And then we’ll add your question to the page!



Want to Chat?

You can call the studio on 01524 555789, message us on Facebook or drop us a line here.