Can I take Photos on my Phone During a Professional Photo Shoot?

The short answer is no.

These days we are used to whipping our phones out and recording everything that we do, but it is not acceptable to take your own photos during a professional photo shoot. You have come to the photoshoot for a reason, because posing your children and taking really good photos is actually really difficult. As professionals we often make a shoot look easy, but it has taken us many, many years of practice to reach this skill level. Our photographs are our passion and lively hood, we are paid for this service.

When you are visiting a professional photographer, sit back and relax. Enjoy the experience and let the professional do their job. You will take away professional pictures which will be of a quality far beyond anything that you can create on your own or with your phone.

We will remind you of this rule at the start of your photo shoot. Should you choose to ignore it and make your own photographs, for the protection of our photographers, it is our policy to stop the shoot and ask you to leave.