Meet the Team

Team photo

With Baby Jane (This is what happens when you can’t make training!)


Elly is our business founder and qualified Master Photographer. You can read all about her journey here. These days, if she’s not in the studio making beautiful pictures, she is likely hard at work building the business from behind the scenes.
But enough serious stuff, here’s the gossip!
Did you know:
As a toddler Elly was a prolific snail eater! We’re glad she’s grown out of that one
One of her first jobs was as a Lollipop lady! In fact at the time, she was Britain’s youngest lollipop lady!
She also worked as a cycle courier in her 20’s – cycling a whopping 60 miles daily for the princely sum of £1 a mile… I don’t like to think how long that must have taken
She also spent a year learning Haute Couture with the company that made Camilla Parker Bowles wedding dress
and finally….
She’s currently on a 1035 day streak learning French with Duolingo!


If you’ve been to see us before, you probably know Dan as our chief viewer, helping you to choose which portrait treasures you’d like to keep forever – but I want to share with you a bit more about the person behind the viewings!
So without further ado – here’s the goss on our Dan!
Dan is a complete chocoholic! If you look closely at the picture you’ll find more evidence of this hehe (I’m sure a lot of can relate to that )
You might know that Dan is an Aussie and grew up there – but he once got lost in the Australian Bush and had to spend the night in a cave.
…I’m not sure I’d have had the level headedness to find one. I’d have most likely burst into tears and panicked
He’s a total Movie buff
He’s also really into Music! So much so, that you could ask him pretty much anything on the topic and he can tell you answer! ♫♫
… Feel free to give this a test next time you visit
And finally…. he loves to sing! When he was younger he was part of a band, but now spends his spare time writing and performing his own songs! How cool is that!


Hannah is Elly’s sister, and has been with us since… well, forever in some capacity.
She’s in charge of Wrapping and Ribbons. Packaging all of your beautiful prints, loading your digital images onto USB keepsake pens, and getting everything ready for when you come back for your order…. but she’s also an amazing photographer too! Hannah shoots in the studio on Wednesday and Fridays, but you can often find her tucked away in the office doing all of her background work too.
Hannah is super fun and ready to get stuck into anything!
So what about outside of the studio?
Hannah has a degree in Illustration and loves drawing, making and generally getting her creative skates on! If you’re on one of our plans that includes an album – Hannah will be personally illustrating your cover! How cool is that!
As a young child Hannah had ten friends that went with her everywhere- her fingers. They were called ‘her fellas’!
She was a keen, competitive swimmer from the age of 8. A few years ago she swam the length of Coniston Water to raise money for charity…in October. Yes, it was just a little bit cold!
Hannah loves to travel. This has taken her on solo adventures to Australia, Canada and India and she had a wonderful stint working in the Italian Dolomites. Since Covid and the birth of her daughter her travels have been UK based but she’s found ‘being a tourist on your own doorstep’ to feel just as intrepid!
She’s a bit sporty and loves skiing, climbing and biking. More recently she’s enjoyed hula hoop and silks and can do ‘the lift’ from the film ‘Dirty Dancing’.


You probably know Jemma by now as one of our lovely team of photographers, and she is currently working towards qualifying as a Master Craftsman with the Guild of Photographers. But let’s take a moment to share a bit more about her outside of PhotoBaby! Here she is along with her own little girl.
Anyway… down to the gossip on Jemma!
In her late teens she used to be an avid High School Musical fan, and made sure she attended the midnight release of the second movie dressed head to toe in HSM merchandise Happy to say she’s now grown out of that phase… but she could still probably sing you almost any song from that series of movies word perfect
She absolutely loves crafting and sewing! She’s tried her hands at most arts and craft projects, but her current favourites art marbling and sewing clothes  (check out some of our cute custom creations in the studio!)
She’s a Brown Owl on top of her other hat’s and leads a unit of 24 girls in Torrisholme.
and finally….

She’s been a huge fan of the Harry Potter series since she was just 7 years old after reading the first book on a family holiday. Whilst she might not be the author’s biggest fan, she is a little fanatic about the Potterverse, and can recite most of the films (and to be fair a lot of the books too) word for word (PS – if you’re curious about her house, apparently the sorting hat put her in Ravenclaw


Ashton has been with us since way back in 2021, and you’ll find her in the studio every Monday and Friday, and the odd Saturday too.
She’s super organised, and is a bit like our group mum keeping us all in check! When she isn’t shooting with us, she’s putting in lots of work behind the scenes checking all of your gorgeous images are perfect before they get to you! But what about outside of all that?
Ashton’s fun facts!
She really enjoys crafting – a lot of our gorgeous stuffers, bunting, and even vinyls on the studio door and confetti we use in some shoots has been made by Ashton. She’s tried a bit of everything – cricutting, macrame-ing, finger knitting…. you name it she’s probably done it! In fact, I think the only craft she doesn’t like is glitter!
When she was little she used to enjoy Irish Dancing
She has a secret guilty pleasure for American Reality shows – think Sister Wives and you’re on the right track
She absolutely loves colour coding things


Annabel joined us in 2022, and has been a super high energy, fun and creative addition to the team ever since!
She’s in the studio on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s where she loves meeting all of your beautiful families!
Annabel is super fun and always ready to encourage any of us who need a little pick me up!
But what about outside of the studio?
Annabel is originally from the South, and whilst living and working down there, she produced photography work for the royal family
She has two little party tricks – She can make a clover leaf with her tongue and wiggle her ears
When she was younger, she learned to play the cello!
She is very tall (taller than 99% of women in fact)
Her very first word was Duck


Jane joined the team in January 2023, and has settled in beautifully! You can find her in the studio most Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sunday’s creating beautiful portraits of your families – but what about when she’s not doing that?
Here are some fun facts about Jane outside of PhotoBaby!
Jane loves animals, and one of her favourite and slightly more unusual pastimes involves cows! Jane milks the cows at a local farm on a Saturday and a Sunday morning – meaning she’s up at 5am on a Sunday for a very early, and very long day by the time she’s finished at the studio!
She’s also very clever! She’s currently studying for her masters in archaeology, with her work currently focussing on the presence of women in Roman Britain
On top of the craziness of having 4 beautiful children, working and studying – she’s also super into fitness and has completed three marathons all over the world! I’m exhausted even thinking about it!
She’s a fully qualified advanced scuba diver, and has dived at night with sharks
and to top off all of these crazy physical achievements….
she managed to cycle 140 miles across the country in just two days!
I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted just reading about all of that! It’s safe to say she loves a challenge!


Debbi joined us in 2023, and is our fabulous admin assistant and receptionist. If you’ve messaged us on Facebook, called us on the phone, or popped us an email, chances are you’ve been talking to Debbi!
She’s in the studio supporting us all on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
But what about when she isn’t at work?
She really really doesn’t like onions, not even in other things! Come to think of it, she really really hates Mushroom soup too
Her favourite film is Jurassic Park
When she was 16 she did a charity skydive!
She’s also done a charity bike ride from Leeds all the way to York!
And she absolutely hates the colour pink… but has a little girl and is expecting to soon have to learn to love it


Danielle is our most recent addition to the team, having joined us in September 2023- but she’s already part of the furniture!
You can find her in the studio Wednesday-Friday and the odd Sunday when she’s creating beautiful portraits of your families, and if you’ve joined her for a shoot, I won’t need to tell you how much skill and enthusiasm she brings to the studio!
Danielle’s fun Facts
She absolutely HATES potatoes … even chips and roasties! In fact the only potato product she will eat are McDonalds French fries… and even then its a rarity.
She is a HUGE Disnerd and managed to get to Disney for her 25th Birthday (a massive highlight of her life!) where she got to meet her favourite Disney Princess Ariel, and sing “Part of your world” with her.
She’s mummy to three beautiful children, and one insane, very hairy Labrador

The full team with Amy who we hope to have back very soon!