How  Much Does Newborn Photography Cost? Part One

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We are often asked how much does newborn photography cost?  And it is a tricky question to answer, because it really does depend on what you want. There are a lot of variables depending on the number of images you want and the products you choose. Everyone has a different budget and a different idea of what they think will be good value. At PhotoBaby in Lancaster we have done our best to cater for these variables and create a price list that is very flexible and increases in value with the more you spend.

The Newborn Session Fee

The first fee you will need to pay when working out how much does newborn photography cost, is the session fee. This is £90 and will be paid when you book your session. The price includes two hours of studio time. We will design the session according to the portraits you want, whether you want them to all be natural, or some be quirky in baskets and boxes etc. Portraits will be made of your newborn and if you wish, newborn with siblings or family. We will make approx 60 images for you to choose from. Then about a week later you will have one hour cinematic viewing where you will choose your portrait collection. The session price also includes one 10×8” luxury metallic print and a digital copy of the same image and membership to our portrait club which has lots of perks as well.

Portrait Club

Portrait club is included with full price sessions, or can be purchased for £30. Perks include a second photo shoot with a 10×8” luxury metallic print and digital copy from this session. Additional digital images when purchasing any print package. Upsizing of digital images so that they print to 40×30” rather than 6×8” (perfect if you want to make canvas). Entry to our monthly Facebook contest where you can win a big print. 

More Images

This is where answering the question ‘how much does newborn photography cost?’ really depends on what you want to take away from the session. These examples should give you a good idea, but just remember, it’s all flexible and designed to cater for whatever you want.

newborn image from article - how much does newborn photography cost?The Simple Option for ‘How Much Does Newborn Photography Cost?’

Digitals on a USB

A lot of photographers won’t sell digitals, but at PhotoBaby we realise we are living in a digital age, so if you just want digitals, that’s OK, you can buy them from us and print them as many times as you like. We sell them on a sliding scale, so the more you buy, the more the value increases. We do this because photography is a very labour intensive business.

If everyone came to the studio and just bought one or two digitals every time, we’d go out of business very quickly. The visit itself takes three hours (shoot plus viewing), then there is the laundry of everything your newborn has used, the editing to get your pictures ready for the viewing and then postproduction time of any of the images you choose. The cost of printing and the packaging and wrapping of your final product. On the other side of this though, we realise not everyone can afford to buy more than one or two, and we do want our beautiful service to be accessible to as many people as possible.

Digital Price List Break Down

Individual digitals, if you just want one or two they cost £90 each.

Order five or more, the price drops to £70 each. Five digitals costs £350.

Order ten or more, the price drops to £50 each. Ten digitals costs £500.

Or order twenty five or more, the price drops to £35 each. Twenty five digitals costs £875.

Payment Plans

We realise that all of our clients are on maternity leave, so to make things a little easier, we have a few different options to help you break up payments. You can break up payment with Klarna. Alternatively, you can arrange an in-house payment plan. This will increase your bill by £4 per payment to cover the go cardless fee. So for example if you were to order twenty five digitals at £500 and pay the bill off in ten payments, you would pay £54 per month for ten months and the total would be £540.

For Paypal and Klrana paid plans, the work will be released as soon as it is ready. With in-house plans, we release the work in batches as we receive payment from you.

More Elaborate Options for ‘How Much Does Newborn Photography Cost?’

Prints and Products

Our signature metallic prints are very special and appear to glow. Our larger backed matt prints and composites (multiple images in the same print) are equally special. This quality of printing is not available on the high street, so we always want our clients to go away with at least one print. Our motto is – you’ve had a professional service so you should have a professional product!

All of our Classic packages are listed on the prices section of our website here

To show you how flexible we can be, I will give you a couple of examples of regular combinations that clients choose and how the variables can be combined to create the exact package you desire.  


Digital copies of the printed images are £20 each.

Extra images in digital form are £35 each with any package.

Upsizing – make the prints bigger- each size hop is £25 (6×8” to 10×8”/10×8” to 12×16”/12×16” to 16×20” etc).

Composites – purchase your images and then pay a £10 design fee plus the necessary upsizes to build your composite.

Frame your prints. We work closely with a local framer and can organise this but the pricing depends on which frame you choose. The average frame costs £70 upwards.

Example One 


If you have nine images that you would love to keep all in digital and some in print we will work out your order and cost like this – 

Printed Images-

Image One – 10×8” print included with your shoot but you want it one size bigger, we take it to 12×16” (£20)

Two – 10×8” print 

Three – 6×8” print

Four – 6×8” print – two, three and four are included in Classic Collection One (£210)

Digital Images-

Images five, six and seven all complementary to Classic Collection One with portrait club membership. 

Images eight and nine (£70)

You also want digital copies of all the prints in the package, one is included, two, three and four are £10 each (£20)

Total for this Example

£320, or if you want a payment plan it could be ten payments of £36 (total £360 with the payment fee).


Example Two

If you have fifteen images that you love, and you want one large print, and a set of smaller prints to give as thank you gifts to family members then we would recommend a boxed collection.

Printed Images – 

One – 10×8” print included with your shoot, you want it two sizes bigger so we upsize it to 20×16” (£40)

Two to eleven – Boxed collection of 10 6×8” prints (£550)

Digitals – 

Digital copies of all 11 prints complementary with session and portrait club

Images twelve to fifteen are £35 each (£140)

Total for this Example

£730, or if you want a payment plan it could be twenty payments of £40.50 (£810 with the payment fee) or ten payments of £77 (£770 with the payment fee).

How much Does Newborn Photography Cost?

I hope this post has helped to go some way to answering the question how much does newborn photography cost and given you a good idea of what you might spend on a visit to PhotoBaby. Other photographers prices will vary, some will charge more and some will charge less. But we are confident that we charge a very fair price for a really special service, and you will take away beautiful portraits that we know you will treasure for the rest of your life. The examples given on this post are all from our single visit Classic price list. If you are looking to come and have multiple sessions with us and record your babies milestones, our Annual Packages may be more suitable. I will go over these in How Much does Newborn Photography Cost? Part Two.

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