Introducing Mia

Mia Lees is 22 and she and her gorgeous daughter Harlow Macy are regular visitors to PhotoBaby.

They live in Morecambe, with Mia’s partner Carl. They don’t have any pets – Mia thinks looking after Harlow is enough work!

During the week, they love visiting playgroups and spending quality time together.

Weekends are all about family and enjoying days out to farms, or the park or soft play. Or a cheeky visit to Weatherspoons.

Being Social

Mia is on Facebook and Harlow Macy also has two Instagram accounts:

Worldofharlow_ macy

Mia loves Photography

She is always photographing Harlow Macy. Mia takes photos of her daughter on a daily basis, and has done since she we born. She first brought her daughter to visit us for the Queen’s Jubilee, and since then we have done multiple shoots together.

Harlow Macy is very outgoing, she is kind friendly and has a very bubbly personality and is most definitely not camera shy. She loves it when the attention is on her!

And Mia is sure her beautiful smile is enough to brighten up anyone’s day!

Mia’s Deals

Have you seen a special that Mia is promoting? Or has Mia has given you a code to visit us at PhotoBaby?

You can book in here, and use her code to claim your discount –