I Hate Being Photographed!

You are not alone! In our experience, it seems that most people hate being photographed. It might help to think about these photographs as being for your little ones and loved ones. Your family love you unconditionally whether or not you have lost that extra stone. 

As skilled photographers, we have lots of little tricks up our sleeves too to hide the bits of yourself that you really hate. Have a little chat with us and make us aware of what we need to careful of hiding before the shoot starts.

There are also huge physiological benefits of doing this for little ones. Seeing themselves in a portrait with their parents has been proven to reenforce their sense of security and safety, so it’s well worth it. And remember, we are working in digital, so it doesn’t hurt to try it. Nothing is lost if we try some poses and then when you come to the viewing your really do think no. You just don’t have to order them. 

But on the flip side, you may come back to your viewing, and find that they portraits are among your favourites. They may become real treasures to you. So it is always worth trying!