What if Baby Wants Feeding During the Photo Shoot?

We can almost guarantee that your baby will want feeding during the photo shoot, and that is fine. Your baby is in charge of our shooting schedule. We will stop and start as we need to keep your baby happy. We are a breast feeding friendly studio. You are welcome to feed your baby where ever you feel comfortable. We can sit and have a chat while you feed, or we can give you some privacy. It’s completely up to you.

A fed baby is a happy baby. So often with the newborn shoots we will use feeding as a tool to settle your baby. This will ensure they are lovely and chilled for their newborn portraits. If you are feeding to a schedule, this might be at odds with what you would normally do, but it is a one off, and is worth doing to help you to get the newborn portraits that you want.

If you are formula feeding, bring plenty of bottles. More than you would expect to need. Feeding is a source of comfort for babies. When they are somewhere strange, babies often want feeding a little more than normal. The act of suckling is familiar and makes your baby feel safe, this is why dummies can sometimes be soothing.

Older babies are also likely to need a feed during their visit, and that is fine too. When baby is happy, we know we can create the pictures you want quite quickly, but when they are hungry and grizzly it is a much slower process. It makes sense, no one likes being hungry! So we always recommend feeding your baby as and when they need it, even if this is during the middle of your photo shoot.