What if baby won’t settle at the Photo Shoot?

You are not alone in having this concern. After all there’s a bit of pressure! If you are coming for a newborn shoot the website is full of gorgeous shots of sleeping babies. All the info is hammering on about how your baby needs to be asleep for this pose and that! It’s true, a newborn does need to be asleep for one or two poses. But not all of them, and we like to see their eyes a little bit too!

PhotoBaby has been doing this a long time now – 12 years so far! So we have picked up many tips and little tricks to make the session go the way we want it to go. To be honest, we quite enjoy the challenge of a grizzly baby.

In the whole of the studio’s lifetime we have only ever had to rebook two babies because they cried the whole shoot long. And that was back at the beginning before we had such a big tool bag of soothing techniques.

How You Can Help

You can help too. From day one, your baby is looking to you for clues about the world and whether they are safe or not. The calmer you can be, the calmer baby will be. If they are having a hungry day, that’s fine, we will stop and start the shoot as we need for feeding. 

Our newborn sessions are generally two hours long – much shorter than most studios because we know you are tired and you want to get home and relax. Your trick will be to not panic that baby keeps needing feeding or cuddling and just go with the flow. That way they get those much needed cues that everything is safe and it is OK to relax. 

We usually have a bit of spare time in the diary after a newborn shoot, so in the worst case scenario that your little one has fought and cried their way through two thirds of the shoot, we can add a bit of extra time on for you. We always get there in the end!

Here’s a link to the baby soothing techniques we use, you may find them useful. X