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Your Newborn Photo Shoot – 5 Good Reasons Why To Book!

By 2nd September 2016Birdie Blog, Studio Chit Chat

1. Becoming a parent and bringing a newborn home for the first time is rather like going to the moon! Life has now changed forever. For a while you likely won’t know which way is up and then after a while, you will settle in to this brave new world. If ever a time in your life deserved to be immortalised with a professional photo shoot, it is now.

newborn photography lancshire_b9523

2. Children have an incredible effect on time. They make it fly and you won’t believe how fast! As one of my gorgeous clients says- blink and you really will miss it. These precious newborn days will be over in a flash. So savour them – even if they are sleepless. A newborn photo shoot will freeze this moment in time for you to enjoy forever more.

a baby photo of baby in daddy's hands.

3. No matter how many photos you take on your phone, none will ever compare to the beauty of an artistically crafted newborn portrait. A professional knows what they are doing, they understand light, composition and how to handle and get the best from your baby. If your newborn photos are important to you, make sure you book a newborn photo shoot and add some professional portraits to your collection.

baby photography lancashire_9924-b

4. Portraits of you with your little ones are a wonderful tool for affirming how much your little ones are loved. Start now and fill your home with framed portraits and make sure you are in some of them too. As with your newborn, a professional will know how to show off the best of you and regularly seeing a portrait in which look good will also make you feel good.

newborn family portrait lancashire.

5. Seize the day! Who knows what tomorrow will bring. Cherish every moment and celebrate the magic and wonder. That’s what life is all about!

newborn baby in weighing scales

Eleanor specialises in creating timeless, classic newborn portraits from her beautiful studio in the centre of Lancaster. Her clients visit her for newborn photo shoots from far and wide; from Blackpool, Liverpool, Lancashire, Cheshire, Manchester, Kendal, Barrow-in-Furness, Windermere, Carlisle, Cumbria. Find out more about here current newborn offers here.

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