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What to Wear on an Outdoor Photo Shoot

By 4th March 2021Studio Chit Chat

Spring is springing, the birds are chirping and freedom is just around the corner! We are chomping at the bit to get back behind our cameras, and with Boris allowing outdoor photoshoots from the 29th March, we have been very busy booking in location photo shoots.

And if you are soon to join us, you may be wondering what to wear on your outdoor photo shoot? 

The Weather

First off we need to be practical and honest about our UK weather. Even if the sun is shining, there is still a good chance it may be cold, or cool. So think layers. If you ski, dig out your base layer thermals, they will make the perfect under-layer for fending off the cold. 

For Maternity Location

For maternity sessions, you can be both warm and glamorous. Wear leggings and double vest tops – or your thermals, and a nice casual outfit over the top. Remember we’ll be bringing all our maternity dresses and fabrics so after we’ve made your life style portraits, you’ll also be able to try out a few of our outfits and if you like we can have some fun making dramatic or ethereal portraits. 

For the BlueBells

For the bluebell sessions, baby probably hasn’t got thermals in their wardrobe yet, so double vest them, and maybe double tights or tights under trousers. You probably have a really lovely outfit in mind, and we don’t want it to be hidden under a bulky coat. 

Pick a Colour Scheme

Colours wise, whites, blues, yellows and pinks have all worked beautifully in past outdoor photoshoots. But you may have your own ideas. Just pick a colour scheme and work your outfits out around it. And if there are more of you, all wear the colour scheme, that way your portraits will really gel.  If you are not sure what colour to pick, think about where your portraits will go at home, what colour is the room? Pick the colour that will complement.

What to Avoid

Try to avoid mixing lots of colours or patterns, these will be distracting in your portraits. Remember we want the portraits to be more about you rather than your clothes. 

We don’t want bulky coats in the portraits, but do make sure you bring something nice and warm to pop on between your shots. We want everybody warm and happy!

Hope that helps you decide what to wear on an outdoor photo shoot!

And of course, on the day it might be lovely and warm and none of the layers will be needed. But let’s be prepared just incase!

Can’t wait to See you!

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