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We Are Eight!

By 4th April 2016Birdie Blog

Eight years ago today I decided it was now or never, and took the plunge to follow my dream and start making a living creating baby photography. PhotoBaby was born and it has been a winding adventure of highs and lows and learning curves as steep as mountains (good job I love learning!). I have met so many amazing people and been honoured to record so many precious moments now. I may still have a little to learn on the art of cash flow, but I feel richer than I ever thought possible.

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Every day I know that the work I take such joy in creating goes on to be some of the most treasured possessions my client will ever own. These are portraits that will bring smiles on the greyest of days and will be enjoyed still when their owners are old and frail. My job is capturing the love, laughter and magic we share with our loved ones and bottling it up so you can enjoy it forever and that feels very good and I’m not sure I could be doing anything more valuable.

The babies I photographed when I was just starting out are already leggy saplings full of the wonders of childhood, nearer ten than zero now. Just a few more years and they will have skipped right through childhood. Time is flying, we must cherish every moment. Who knows what tomorrow will bring, that’s why we should celebrate today!

So I’m taking my team out for lunch, they all work really hard in helping me make my vision of PhotoBaby a reality and I’m trying hard to practice what I preach. And I want to celebrate all month long so we have lots of goodies for you too.

1. April Newborns   If your baby will be born this month, then we’d like to offer you a complementary newborn session. A full two hours of portraits and a luxury 6″x8″ metallic print of your favourite portrait (we have eight to give away).

2. April First Birthdays   If your baby will be one this month, then we’d love to offer you a cake smash on the house. Come and smash up our eighth cake and enjoy all the trimmings of our extra special cake smashes. A fun filled hour and a half session with cake and a luxury 6″x8″ metallic print of your favourite portrait. (we have one to give away)

3. Eight Month Bumps  If your bump is eight months large then we would love to create you a maternity portrait, come and enjoy an hour long portrait session with a luxury 6″x8″ metallic print of your favourite portrait. (we have one to give away)

4. Eight Years Old this April  If your little baby is about to reach the ripe old age of eight, then come and enjoy a family portrait session with us and mark this birthday with an extra special treasure. (we have one give away with a luxury 6″x8″ metallic print of your favourite portrait)

5. Eighty Years Old this April   If you’re about to hit eighty then it’s time for a family portrait with the whole clan, come and enjoy a weekend portrait session with us and we’ll give you the run of the whole studio. We’ll enjoy a fun filled hour or so of portraits and then we’ll run your viewing straight afterwards so everyone gets to see the portraits. (we have one to give away with a luxury 6″x8″ metallic print of your favourite portrait)

6. Any April Birthday  Come and have a wonderful session with us and enjoy 20% off everything!

Heaps and heaps of goodies for you, but we are only going to be eight once!

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