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Two weeks of Lockdown Limbo Survived.

By 18th January 2021Studio Chit Chat

I’ve hatched a plan to get back into the flow of writing a blog post once a week again. Though creating today’s might be slightly more challenging, as my children are creeping around me in this winter morning half light with nerf guns and glowing spy goggles. They are clearly on a secret mission to save someone somewhere before they have to sit down to homeschool.

It’s Monday, and Mondays in our house have always been media free. We want to encourage our kids to play physically, learn how to entertain themselves, or to just be. So we have always been quite strict about screen time. No chance of them ‘just being’ right now though, things are heating up on their mission and there is a nerf dart in my coffee.

I got through the past week by devouring business audio books in between feeding the troops, coming to their aid when the homeschool Zoom went wrong, and the zillions of other tiny jobs that eat up time at home. Sounds bland, but I find comfort in learning, it feels productive and useful. And any tips to help us be better are always welcome. So what did I learn? The three key things that are sticking in my mind to share are: 


Doing a little of something every day, adds up to a lot by the end of the week.

I love this idea! It takes away a task’s ability to overwhelm you. And it applies to anything – exercise, learning a language, tidying up – that’s where I’ve applied it this last week, 5 or 10 mins tidying up here and there, and what a difference it has made to our house and sanity! What do you want to tackle? I highly recommend trying this strategy. Start with 5 minutes at it today and just do the same tomorrow. You’ll be amazed at what you have achieved by the end of the week.


Make a List to stay on track

Lists work! Write down everything you are wanting to achieve, then split the list into three – stuff for right now, stuff for soon and for one day. Then focus on the right now stuff and divvy that up for today, tomorrow etc. Then crack on.

Divide up your Money to help Save it

The other great thing I learnt was on money management and some great tips on saving. The author’s analogy  was a dinner plate, and how we are more likely to eat more if we are given a bigger plate of food. He said it’s the same with spending, whatever we have is likely to get spent if it is all kept together, or served up on one ‘big plate’. His solution was for you to split up your money; make multiple bank accounts, an account for saving, bills, holidays, and send a little to each one every time you get paid. I think this is a great idea, and I’ve already followed the advice and made a whole range of accounts to divvy things up amongst.


So what will this Monday bring? I plan to smell the coffee, watch the birds, keep the peace, find 5 minutes for French practice, 5 minutes for yoga, and get my lists written. A set for my home life and a set for PhotoBaby. This limbo isn’t going to last forever, so let’s make the most of this odd time in our lives. First off though, it seems my children’s mission is accomplished, and egg on toast is being requested.

I hope you can find the headspace to enjoy this week of hibernation. If you want to listen or read the books I enjoyed, look up Vicky Fraser – That’s What She Said and Mike Michalowicz – Profit First. 

Keep your chin up and see you soon!

Elly x

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