Chloe Pashley’s Newborn Photo Shoot

By 10th April 2023Studio Chit Chat

Chloe Pashley recently came to visit our Lancashire photography studio for the very first time. She brought her beautiful newborn in for a photo shoot with our award winning Ashton.

With every newborn photo shoot, we ask the client to give us a brief of what they would like from the session; whether they want the session to be all about baby, include siblings, furry siblings,  or even the whole family. We also talk over the colour scheme and what props and set ups each client likes and wants to use. Chloe opted for a soft and neutral pallet. And gave Ashton the brief to keep everything really simple so that the photo shoot and the images were all about her baby.

Posing Table

They started their newborn photo shoot on the posing table. First with a textured beige backdrop then followed by a plain white backdrop. Chloe wanted some portraits of her baby in a white baby grow and then they stripped her down. First to her vest, then semi naked with a little swaddle coverage and then fully naked. Not all baby’s like to be naked, so Ashton stripped baby very gradually making photos as she went.

We always pay attention to how baby is responding, not all babies respond well to being naked and not all babies like being placed in curled up poses. We always put safety first and only ever create the poses that baby is comfortable in.

newborn baby holding 'hello world' sign.newborn baby lying with swaddle drape.
Soothing Baby
To help keep baby content, Ashton had baby on a heat pad and a vibrating cushion and she was also playing white noise. Over the years we have come up with a lot of amazing techniques to help keep baby happy so that we can get the shots that you want. Ashton found Chloe’s baby responded really well to her soothing and she was happy to be posed.

Once Ashton had made some natural naked newborn portraits, she introduced some delicate white headbands to bring more variety to the collection.

Then she swaddled Chloe’s baby and created a set of swaddled portraits. In general we find that baby’s love to be swaddled, so this gives us flexibility to move away from the posing table and explore some of the other backdrops and props in the studio.

newborn baby swaddled and wearing sleepy hat.Mini Bed

In keeping with the brief. Ashton set the bed up with soft neutral colours, and kept the props to the minimum. She introduced a little detail with white flowers and sage greenery to complement the colour pallet. To give more variety, she also dressed Chloe’s baby in a cute bear bonnet for some bed shots from above.

newborn baby swaddled and sleeping on tiny bed.newborn baby from above on tiny bed.
Moses Basket

The Moses basket is our newest prop, and gives a real lifestyle photography look. Once again, Ashton used texture and neutral tones to complement Chloe’s baby, and added blossom details and a cute bonnet to finish the look.

newborn baby in moses basket.Giant Bowl 

We love our giant bowl, it’s a great prop for all ages of baby. Newborns nestle perfectly in the middle, nearly news still look lovely and tiny in it, and sitters and older love to treat it as if it’s a boat and they are off for a sail! The strong shape of the bowl placed on top of our round hessian rug gives a really striking composition. Ashton used the blankets Chloe had brought with her as a base within the bowl, to nestle baby on top of.newborn baby from above in giant bowl.

Neutrals Theme

Ashton loved working with neutrals, and keeping the focus on Chloe’s baby. She found she could incorporate lots of texture and tones without it being distracting, and found the results to be really timeless. Since this session Ashton has entered one of her portraits into a contest and is thrilled to have won another award.

award winning portrait of newborn baby holding wooden 'I've arrived' balloon.What Did Chloe Think?
“The newborn session was amazing, we felt really included in all decisions and Ashton was really patient when our baby needed a change or a feed. Ashton had so many different ways of making sure our baby was settled and warm throughout. This really helped us relax while she worked her magic. We both really enjoyed seeing our baby in multiple different outfits and positions.

We couldn’t possibly pick a favourite set or image as they are all so different and beautiful in their own way, Ashton did an amazing job and we can’t wait to see them all finished and share them with the world♥️

Thank you so much xxx”

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