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Recording Baby’s First Year

By 11th November 2017Studio Chit Chat

Something funny happens to time the moment you have a baby. It is as if a button is pressed and everything speeds up. Every parent I speak to seems experiences the same. No one can remember what they did with all that time before baby arrived!

As well as the time phenomenon, you have a little baby who is doing something new every day. They are a little sponge, soaking up their surroundings and building their personality. A smile one day, a giggle the next, a wriggly backward shuffle one week transforms to a lightening crawl in no time. Before you know it, it is baby’s first birthday and this whirlwind of your first year together is over.

My point is, if you blink this year, you will miss something. And that is why we offer our Milestones program, to capture these amazing moments and memories. We squeeze them in to beautiful artworks for you, to adorn your home and tell the story of this amazing year.

Lauren Keenan has just completed her Milestones program with us. She has very kindly agreed to let me show you the collection we created for her. Lauren started her collection with a maternity photo shoot.

maternity first year portrait

Maternity Session

With every session we run, we want the portraits to have your own stamp on them. We achieve this by inviting you to bring some bits from home to use as props. We also ask you to have a good look through Pintrest to see what portraits you like so we can taylor your session to you.

first year newborn portraits

Newborn Session

We usually book our newborn sessions in for around one week after baby is born though there is no hard and fast rule. Again, we’ll ask you to bring some bits along like a baby blanket and some cuddly toys. We’ll have a chat with you before hand and tweak the session to suit your needs. We have a broad range of baby poses that we can create, with or without parents or props.

Six Month Session

We love to get outdoors for at least one of the milestone sessions and the six month mark can be perfect for this. We have some favourite locations around the area that we can offer. Lauren chose a blue bell session for her six month portraits. I love this composite of portraits that we created for her. We host this session when your baby has learnt to sit up but is not yet moving so it could be earlier or later than six months.

First Year Session

Lauren chose to upgrade her first year session to a cake smash. This is a really lovely way to celebrate your baby’s first birthday that revolves around cake and play. We are affiliated with a very talented baker who will create you a personalised cake, most of which you will get to take home to eat later!

Finished Collection

Seeing Lauren’s collection all together, shows just how wonderful and special her first year with her baby has been.  This collection will reenforce to her daughter just how loved she is. All the love and magic of this amazing first year has been immortalised in these photographs. I know Lauren is going to enjoy these portraits forever.

I’ve been a little sad to say good bye to Lauren and her family, but I get so much joy and satisfaction from seeing finished collections together like this and knowing the pleasure these portraits bring. This is why I am a photographer and this is why after ten years of shooting every day I am still as passionate about my work as the day I started.

And you never know, Lauren may be back to see me again in the future with another little bundle.

Interest in Milestones

There are no rules for when you should start Milestones, some clients start as Lauren did, some start with the newborn session, and some start later. If you love the idea of this and would like more information, please get in touch. Give us a call on 01524 555789 or email us at eleanor@photobaby.co.uk. Chat soon, Eleanor x

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