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Power and Strength – Finding It When You Need It!

By 2nd October 2020Studio Chit Chat

Becoming a parent- being a parent- just being, right now in this current crazy world, can feel a little over whelming. Sometimes we need a little reminder of how wonderful we are, that we can find the power and the strength to get through the day ahead… I got that last weekend.

I think I’ve told you about my sister in law before, she’s a strong lady. Back in her old life, she toured the world of festivals, lifting random men above her head. She’s a bit of a celebrity and has  been on TV lifting football players and sharing other impressive feats. 

Anyway, all through the lockdown she has been reinventing herself. Building a new show. And I was lucky enough to go and see it last weekend. She’s swapped the street for a stage, and her new show, Power explores how each of us can and do find the power we need to get us through this messy life. 

Performing Power

Charmie has traded her trail of willing and sometimes less willing volunteers for a sound track of men, women and children talking about when they have experienced a feeling of power. She converses with this track as she balances on bricks, boards, books or vice versa piling them high on her head. She chats away as she negotiates one hand stand after another. And her audience laughs and cries along with the story.

Her incredible balances and acts of strength show us what is possible when we set our minds to something. And the dialogue is a beautiful reminder that we are all powering through life together. Sometimes we are up, sometimes we are down, but we are all in the same boat, on the same journey. And we all have the strength we need to tackle what ever hurdles appear in front of us. We just need a little perspective and a plan for how we are going to get over them.

As her sister in law, I’ve been privy to the behind the scenes making of this show, and I know how hard she has worked to make this happen. That’s the secret, bloody hard work pays off. What ever you are trying to do, be brave and power on, because you will get there – eventually!

See the Show

Charmie is performing Power at the Lowry soon and hoping to bring her show to the Dukes or the Brewery too. When she does, I highly recommend booking a babysitter for the night and soaking up her inspiring performance. She’ll remind you that you are stronger than you realise.

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