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Five Fab things Every New Parent in Lancaster Should Know

By 30th January 2019Birdie Blog, Studio Chit Chat
New Parent in Lancaster

Parenthood is the New Frontier

When my son arrived I remember feeling like I had gone to the moon. The world I knew had just evaporated behind me and I felt like I was in completely uncharted territory. As a new parent in Lancaster these five tips would have been an enormous help!

White Noise

This is your secret weapon for soothing your baby. Baby has heard the beat of your heart their whole life and it’s strangely quiet out here for them. Pick up a Ewan the dream sheep from Simply Baby in Lancaster or down load a white noise app. onto your phone. As a new parent you’ll be amazed how these whooshing beats will calm baby.


Babies love contact! It makes complete sense when you think that they have been snuggled up in your tummy for so many months. If your baby is struggling with being put down, you don’t need to fight it. Going with the flow is much easier. If you are a new parent in Lancaster, visit the sling library for solutions on how you can hold your baby and still get on with daily life.

Make Friends

Make friends who have babies! You’ll be able to share stories and swap tips and advice. Baby sit for each other and keep each other sane when things get difficult. Lancaster has so many great places for you and your baby to and find your new friends too. Your little one will love Baby Sensory and Heather breaks up the session to make sure there is time for you to socialise with the other parents. Gabby run’s Empower Mums in Williamson’s park where you can get fit and get friends with buggy in tow.

Record the Magic

There are so many changes and it all happens so quickly. I started PhotoBaby while I was pregnant because I realised how important it would be to record all these fleeting moments. Something very strange happens to time once a baby comes along. Blink and you really could miss it. Take lots of photos and don’t be afraid to be in some of them too. And it is very important to make sure you get some of your photos printed. Digitals can be lost all too easily. If you need help, give me a shout.

You Are the Expert

And the best bit of advice that I heard recently is to remember that you are the expert on your baby. You are going to be told lots of different advice in a professional’s attempt to solve what ever issue you are grappling with. Don’t be confused that the advice your midwife gives you is different to your health visitor. It’s fine; both suggestions are possible solutions to your problem. You just need to try them out and see which works for you and your baby.


Adventure is out there – enjoy being a new parent in Lancaster!

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