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Natural Newborn Photography – A Journey into the Light

By 25th May 2021Studio Chit Chat

We love natural newborn photography at PhotoBaby! Your baby is so perfect, so beautiful, we think the best way to show and celebrate their perfection is by keeping everything else simple.

Your Baby is the Star of our Natural Newborn Photography

When Georgia Sim visited us recently this was our brief, she really wanted her photographs to be natural. So we mainly stuck with the light tones, just adding a little bit of wood, a little bit of texture to add variety to her natural newborn photography. And the star of each portrait was always her baby.

natural newborn photography portrait on white background

The star of every portrait was Georgia’s baby.

natural newborn photography baby on white

We kept all extra elements very simple – just a little bit of texture.

Our Newborn Photography Journey

It’s funny how much we have fallen in love with our white portraits. When I first started out as a photographer, all of my research kept pulling me towards darker images and black and white. So to begin with this is what we created: black and white natural newborn photography. Always very simple and timeless.

A lot can happen in thirteen years though, our photoshoots have evolved and so has our work space and team. We’ve grown from little old me with a mobile set up, into a stunning family run studio in the centre of Lancaster with a team of six super talented photographers. Sometimes I have to pinch myself when I think about how far we have come, and how many babies we have seen grow up!

newborn baby in heart box on white wood background.

Balancing simple with quirky!

newborn baby in a bowl.

Babies love being swaddled.

So how did we get our Natural Newborn Photography to this Level?

Moving into the studio triggered the switch in focus from dark to light. The space is so lovely and light and airy. My husband is Australian and the space reminded him of Australian lifestyle photography. So we started researching this style and thinking about how we could introduce elements of this soft and natural approach into our studio routines.

Little by little, lighter ideas got introduced into our shooting routines and they were hits with our clients.

close up photo of mother cuddling newborn baby.

Contented cuddles with mummy.

Long shot of mother cuddling newborn on white background.

The same set up can give us lots of different shooting options.

Practical Development

We’ve made our practical development a key part of our photography careers too. There is always more to learn! Last year I finished my Masters in Photography which taught me so much, and enriched PhotoBaby no end. We are forever evolving with our learning.

Being part of a team is so rich as well. Each of us always has something new to bring to the table; new natural newborn photography ideas! And we work with them and perfect them, then pass them on to you to see what you think. And we don’t just stop at styling too, we are constantly learning new soothing techniques too. We’ve consulted with paediatricians and midwives on this. After all – if baby isn’t chilled we won’t be able to create anything for you!

We Learn from You

Ultimately though, we learn from you and what you want. We ask every client we meet what they would like and we mould each and every studio session to match those desires. Georgia sent us some shots of images she liked before our session, so we were able to tailor her session to exactly what she wanted: Very natural, lots of light and a few dark images as well.

black and white photo of newborn baby on dark background.

Georgia loves our darker images too, so we had to include some in her collection.

black and white photo of sleeping newborn.

Georgia especially loved the close ups.

black and white close up of baby's toes.

Newborn’s are so tiny for such a short time. I love how a toe portrait really puts that tininess into perspective.

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