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Luxury Maternity Photo Shoot off to a Triumphant Start!

By 3rd September 2018Birdie Blog, Studio Chit Chat

This summer our luxury maternity photo shoot was born after over a coffee and cake brainstorm with my lovely friend Emma Whewell. We came up with the wonderful idea to collaborate. Then brought hair stylists Jo and Cass and make up artist Emma Askew on board. By combining our skills we can offer expectant mothers a fully styled, luxury maternity photo shoot.

We are all running businesses in our specialism. But we are all also artists at heart. Emma W and I knew this new service would offer us a chance to combine talents and give our pregnant clients a magical experience they’ll remember forever.

A Luxury Maternity Photo Shoot is a Celebration

Becoming a parent is so precious and a time to treasure. We have designed a special new service that is a celebration of motherhood and of Lancaster itself too.

Emma W has been an absolute star researching the stunning local venues on offer. She’s been finding beautiful baths and others special features that will give these shoots a wonderful backdrop. Now we have a careful selection locations for clients to choose from.

We hosted our first luxury maternity photo shoot at Castle View, a Nordic inspired cottage designed and created by Jenny Natusch. It was the perfect backdrop for a rustic themed portrait session.

Being Pampered

We ran a contest to find a model for this first luxury maternity photo shoot and the lucky winner was Hayley Phillips. She arrived on the day to be greeted with coffee and croissants that Emma W had prepared. Then Danielle Riley from Jo and Cass and make up artist Emma Askew sat her down and worked their magic.

There was a real air of excitement as Danielle and Emma A buzzed around Hayley, getting her ready. Whilst Emma and I made sure everything was ship shape for the shoot itself.

Using the Cottage as a Backdrop

The cottage’s quirky features inspired the choreography of this luxury maternity photo shoot. Everything was preplanned and when she was ready I helped Hayley pose in the different set ups.

Our grand finale would have given Cleopatra a run for her money too. We filled the cottage’s beautiful copper bath with milk and flowers for Hayley. She bathed and posed still dressed in one of the bespoke gowns that I’d had made especially for these shoots.

We are thrilled with the results and can’t wait to get this rolling as a regular service. Hayley said she had a wonderful day and she enjoyed herself so much too!


So give me a shout if you want to do something extra special for your maternity shoot and I will raleigh up the team!

Emma Askew, Danielle Riley, Hayley Phillips, Emma Whewell, and me!

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