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By 22nd August 2018Birdie Blog, Studio Chit Chat

We’re just past the midway mark of juggling season; six weeks of balancing childcare and career. So many parents dread the school summer holidays and I can understand why, it’s tough trying to keep your cool, keep your head afloat, still bring in the pay and keep the little ones happy and smiling all day long. Some parents think the length of the summer holiday should be changed, but I disagree, these weeks are worth putting effort into though.

A few years ago I got to the end of the summer holidays and realized I had barely spent a moment with my children. That precious time had come and gone and I had spent the whole time working. Childhood is way too short to miss whole summers, so I vowed I would never do that again and I’ve stuck to it.


During holiday time I change the way I work. Working at home in the early mornings (I’m at my desk by 6am) and in the evenings, and then I squeeze all my studio work into the other half of the week. It’s tiring, but it’s worth it because the rest of the time I get to be Mum and spend time with my kids.

My son is about to turn ten and already he says he doesn’t play (he does), but just a couple more years and my daughter will also be beginning to leave childhood. I’m almost grieving this already!

Making the Most of the Summer

This summer we had the idea to make it even more special for my kids by giving them a day each and a budget of £80 to plan a family outing. We have top and tailed the holiday with their days and they have loved the freedom to be able to choose.

Ethan took us to Sandcastles in Blackpool and I somehow conquered my fear of water slides because it was his day. We had an awesome time and were there from opening to closing. Freya has yet to decide what we are doing on her day, when she’s tired it’s cinema and ice cream, when she’s full of beans we are off for a night away. It’s still very much up in the air!

Family Time

We’ve just had a few glorious days exploring Scotland (I did take a few days off). No plans, nothing booked, just making it up as we went along. We were wild camping, wild swimming, exploring castles, making friends; And always breathing in the beautiful wild rolling scenery. In my eyes Scotland is the perfect tonic to relieve a bit of summer holiday stress.

My hubbie and I used to always have adventures and make it up as you go along holidays when we first got together. But this is the first time we had done it with the children. It was brilliant, I highly recommend giving it a try!

The Home Run

Now I’m back to juggling for a few more days before we head off for the local festival Solfest. Then we’ll have another week of juggling before Freya day. And before we know it they will be back to school. Everything goes back to normal and we are all that bit richer for having one more magical summer in our memory banks.

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