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A Day in the Life of a Lancaster Baby Photographer

It’s 3am and I am wide awake! Someone was snoring and now my head is just going round and round plus I’m aching all over from yesterday’s shenanigans! Just typical as my husband and I have taken today off and are planning a trip to Manchester to see the Book of Mormon.

So What Happened Yesterday?

To start with my son and I went on an early morning run. Across the fields and back by the canal and it was beautiful, the water had a fine mist sitting on it and I really wished I’d taken my camera with me. 

Chicken Pox

My daughter didn’t join us though because she has chicken pox right now. We’ve had a few days of juggling shoots so that Daniel can stay at home with her. But yesterday there was just too much on. As my shoots were all out and about and Daniel was running viewings, we decided to take her into the studio and made her a nest upstairs. Setting her up with juice and snacks and DVD’s.

Lancaster Baby Photographer

My first client has been here in Lancaster for the past six months and is from China. She and her family leave for home in a couple of weeks and she wanted a photoshoot around the city as a special memento to take with her. As a Lancaster baby photographer it was so great to look at the city through a visitor’s eye. To find a balance between making beautiful portraits and show off this historic English place.

Lancaster baby photographer location portraitI also realised going round, how many of the places I haven’t visited myself! I still haven’t done the castle tour, or the cottage museum and I love stuff like that. We’ve decided we need to book a holiday at home and do all these things.

A Treat Lunch

Back at the studio Freya was starving and desperate for a bit of company, so I took her to the Music Room cafe for a treat lunch. Chocolate cake and lemonade in the sunshine of sun square. Not at all healthy, but the perfect treat for a little girl that we could draw dot to dot on.

Fairy Tale Shoots

Then she and Daniel were off to collect our son from school and I was off for my next round of Lancaster baby photographer shoots. Fairytale portraits that I’d decided to do at the bottom of the hill behind the Priory. We met at the studio and wandered over, then as these were mini shoots, we then wandered back to the studio for an instant viewing. The portraits were great, though not all my models were too keen on costumes, or the woods and the bugs. They had to take a little time to warm up to the idea of this session, but as always, we got there in the end! 

Lancaster baby photographer fairy portaitLancaster baby photographer fairy portraitNow that I’ve done that hill several times in one day (I took my Chinese family down there too this morning), I’m thinking of finding somewhere even closer to the studio for future fairy sessions.

Anyway, time to see if the snoring has stopped and see if this Lancaster baby photographer can get a bit more shut eye before today’s adventure begins.

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