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Will a Cake Smash get me out of the Dog House?

In a few weeks time I will be hosting a rather belated cake smash to make up for a little hiccup of mine.


This month my daughter is turning seven and she is on count down to her big day. As of now there are ten days to go. I know this because she has made a very detailed calendar. Each day she announces how many there are left and ticks off the current day with her special highlighter pen. Yesterday my husband was honoured with the task because it was his birthday.

Her seventh birthday is a very big deal. Her Granddad is coming to visit from Australia and she has her heart set on a dolly that she has been coveting for some time now. You would think there was no way you could forget that this highlight of the year was almost upon us.

Yet somehow, I have managed to book a girly trip to Madrid that spans the weekend of her birthday. My feeble excuse is that the date of the trip kept moving. And in my head there were more weekends in May than there actually are. Whichever way you look at it though, I won’t be there and I will also be missing half of my father in law’s visit.


I am in the doghouse. I’ve been doing a lot of grovelling and I certainly won’t do it again. I do know when my daughter’s birthday is now and we will steer clear of May next time we’re booking a jolly.

My daughter is smart and has now cottoned on that she can milk this situation. This year’s extravaganza is going to take a lot of beating. As well as the official day with Daddy and Granddad, in my guilt, I’ve organised an unofficial birthday lunch too. As well as pony riding for her and her brother, a sleepover with her friend. And as an added surprise I’m bringing her to the studio before I slope off to Madrid for a seven years belated cake smash.


What is a Cake Smash I hear you say?!


Well this wasn’t really a thing seven years ago, so I don’t need to feel guilt about doing it late. Usually a cake smash is a wonderful way to mark your child’s first birthday we’re just doing it for her seventh. And as it sounds, it is a photo shoot that hinges around the smashing of a cake.


The very talented Amy’s Cakes make the cakes for our smashes and they are as delicious as they are beautiful.

cake smash trioWe start each cake smash session with a pretty tea party set up. This is the prefect opportunity to dress your little one up in their special first birthday outfit (I have outfits put aside for my little ones). These portraits are from Holly Bridson’s cake smash photo shoot and illustrate each part of the shoot perfectly.

cake smash tea partyAfter we’ve done the tea party set up, there is time for some more natural portraits and perhaps some family ones too.

cake smash family portraitAnd then we get messy, first of all with a bowl of flour – baking the cake!

cake smash cake bakingAnd then the cake smash; it looks very messy, but actually we just let our birthday boy or girl smash a big slice. Then you get to take the rest of your delicious cake home and enjoy later!

cake smash babyThe little ones and their families love this experience.

So that’s a cake smash, I am sure it is going to be a hit with my daughter! And very entertaining for the rest of the family too.

I’ll share some of our photos once we’ve created them. Let us know if you fancy a cake smash for your little one, or big one, or need a way out of the dog house. I’m sure we’ll be able to help! x

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