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Baby Luke’s Newborn Photography Shoot

The ideal age for a newborn photography shoot is somewhere between birth and ten days old. This is because your little one sleeps through those early days. They’ll be very happy to curl up and give us those uber cute newborn poses. Or so we thought!

Recently I had my youngest newborn model yet. At just three and a half days young, he had pipped my previously youngest model to the post by a whole half day. Sarah Edney-Dutton brought little Luke along to our studio in Lancaster with his doting older brothers. And I must admit I was rubbing my hands with glee thinking this was going to be an easy photo shoot. More fool me!

Before a Newborn Photography Shoot

To prepare, I always ask our clients to have a peruse around Pintrest and make a pinboard of the images you love. This way, when you come to the studio for your newborn photography, you can give us a clear idea of your taste and the kind of images you like. It’s a bit like creating a brief or a style board for us to work from.

Our studio style is timeless, simple and classic. But there is still a great many directions in which we can take our work when creating a photo collection. Your brief steers us in the direction you want your images to go. Sarah wanted to keep her collection very simple and keep props to a minimum. She had brought along a special blanket and a couple of cuddly toys, but this was all. The most important elements of her shoot, was little Luke and his adoring brothers.

Happy Newborn for Happy Newborn Photography Shoot

We started off with Luke on our beanbag. We lay him on a lovely cream cable knit blanket. To ensure he was happy to be stripped off, we had a heat lamp on him and a hot water bottle underneath him. To keep him content I also played white noise to him. I settled his brothers with our toy box. Then we started off with some clothed safety shots of Luke just incase he started getting fractious once we started undressing him.

Luke began his newborn photography shoot very well. But then he decided he was hungry, so we staggered his shoot between feeds.

A newborn photography shoot is always run at baby’s pace. We stop and start for feeding and cuddles as much as is required. Our sessions allow plenty of time for this. We are often stopping and starting and in-between shooting the portraits. It’s a great opportunity for us to get to know you better.

Feeds and Cuddles

It is completely normal for a newborn photo shoot to be staggered. I just foolishly thought we might get away with a straight run with Luke being so little!

When Luke was ready to go again, we created some portraits with his brothers. First cuddled together in our vintage teepee. Then we set them up pulling Luke in our trailer. And then our little model was in need of another top-up, so we took another break.

When Luke was ready to go again he was wide awake. So I re-planned the order of Sarah’s session and we headed upstairs for some family portraits with Mum and Dad in too. After these and another quick feed, Luke we pretty pooped. We settled him down for a nap on the beanbag and I was able to create some curled up treasures for Sarah too.

Creating a Collection

We always get there in the end, it’s just we sometimes have to change the route! Being a newborn photographer is all about being patent and being versatile. Little Luke may have been my youngest model to date, but he certainly wasn’t the easiest. No matter though because I’m thrilled with the results of our session and I think Sarah is too.

Welcome to the world little Luke, you are very loved and your newborn portrait session is a wonderful record of this. We will look forward to seeing you grow hearing about all the wonderful times you are going to have with your big brothers.

collection of images from newborn photography shoot

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