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Autumn Spectacular – New Ideas Come to Life

By 2nd September 2023Studio Chit Chat

A few years ago, my family and I embarked on an enchanting adventure to Warwick Castle during the October half term. It was a magical experience with pumpkins adorning every corner, and the attention to detail was simply breathtaking. However, what made the day truly unforgettable was the fairytale walk that transported us into a world of wonder. Guided by live actors, we journeyed through multiple fairy tales, each brought to life before our eyes. It was an incredibly fun and captivating experience, one that has etched itself into our cherished memories.


That visit to Warwick Castle served as more than just a day out; it ignited a spark of inspiration within us. We have always embraced the beauty of autumn by filling our studio with pumpkins and infusing a bit of spookiness into the season’s celebrations. But this year, we’re determined to take our autumn experience to new heights, and we can hardly contain our excitement about what we have in store for you!

Just recently, one of our wonderful ambassadors, Mia Lees, brought her beautiful girls to our studio to help us test some of our new ideas. Now, we can’t wait for you and your little ones to come and experience them too!

Witch and Wizard School

Calling all Harry Potter fans! We have a magical treat awaiting your little ones. Bring them to our studio, where they can concoct potions and learn to cast spells. With our cameras ready, we’ll capture them waving their wands and transforming toads into whatever they desire. How about turning them into handsome princes or delectable chocolate cakes? The choice is yours!

Pumpkin Shop

Prepare to be charmed by the vibrant and cheerful ambiance of our Pumpkin Shop set. It’s a joyful celebration of autumn, and we invite your little ones to play shopkeeper and sell our delightful range of cuddly pumpkins.

Autumn Fairies and Fawns

A favourite from last year, Jemma’s captivating autumn fairy set is making a grand return. We can’t wait to create rich-toned fairy portraits for you that will capture the essence of this beautiful season.

The Pumpkin Patch

As we transform our studio for autumn, get ready to step into Mr. McGregor’s garden, a hit from the spring season. Now, all the vegetables are fully grown, and the pumpkin patch is ripe for picking. This setting is perfect for little ones who adore tractors and wheelbarrows. Stay tuned for sneak peeks of this enchanting setup!

Special Offer Code – EarlyBird

To kick off this season’s festivities, we’re delighted to offer you an early bird special. Book your session before September 18th with this code, and you’ll enjoy a fantastic 70% discount—even if you plan to visit us in October! Plus, your session will include a luxurious metallic print and up to 30% off on packages. So, who’s ready to celebrate this crisp and colourful time of year with us?

Making Memories

As autumn approaches, we can’t wait to welcome you and your family into our studio to share in the magic and excitement of the season. With our new enchanting experiences and special offers, this autumn promises to be an unforgettable one. Join us in celebrating the beauty of autumn and create and capture lasting memories together!

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