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Alzheimer’s: Learning to Live in the Moment

My Auntie is like my second Mum. She didn’t have children of her own, and hijacked my sisters and I to make up for it. We spent every weekend with her, always with some amazing project on the go. She taught us to knit and sew, to crochet and flower press. We learnt the names of all the wild flowers and we had countless picnics on the beach. Her cucumber and beetroot sandwiches were the best.


Ninnin has alzheimer’s these days. She’s now getting to the point where we need to get care organised. We want to keep involved as much as possible, but do need to find some outside help.

alzheimer's visit beamishMy youngest sister and I decided to take her away on a mini break during half term. We took her to Durham so she could see her cousin. It was such a lovely time. We stayed in a gorgeous Spa hotel, visited Beamish and had a wonderful catch up and lunch with Betty. And in between we had lots of giggles and larking about.

All Forgotten

We’ve been back just a week now and between us, my sister and I have had a dozen phone calls asking when we are going away on our jolly. It breaks my heart to realise the alzheimer’s hasn’t let her retain any of our little adventure. I’m holding onto the fact that in the moment it was so lovely, and she was so happy, that is what matters.

Both my sister and I have deflected these alzheimer phone calls by saying the jolly is at the end of the month. Going with the flow is the only way to deal with it, otherwise we are only making Ninnin doubt herself and get upset.

Let’s Do it Again

We’ve decided there is only one thing for it: We’ll have to organise another jolly, and possibly another one after that!

So this could well become the year of mini breaks. And that’s no bad thing, let’s have fun while she knows who we are.

It’s the philosophy behind my business, let us cherish every moment.

Have a great day. x

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