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7 Great Ways to Keep your Chin Up!

By 24th March 2020Studio Chit Chat

We are in the strangest of times now, and it is very easy to let the Corona Virus lock down overwhelm us. But we need to look after ourselves, and we need to be strong for our families. Our little one’s take their lead from us. They take their cues from our emotions, from our joy and our anxiety. We need to show them that everything is fine and that we are safe. We can do this by looking after ourselves first. These top tips should help set you on the right path:

1. Stop watching the news!

Yes you need to know what’s going on, but limit it, take 5 minutes a day to catch up and then get it off your radar.


2. Exercise.

Get those endorphins up. There are so many fantastic online classes to choose from so whether your thing is Yoga, dance or cardio workouts there is something available to suit you. Mix it up, try out a few new things, you never know you might find a new passion.

3. Be Grateful.

Make a list of ten things you can be grateful for, you’ll be amazed at how uplifting doing this can be.


4. Keep in Contact.

Your friends need you just as much as you need them right now. Try out Zoom for an online drinks or dinner party. Reinvent how you have social contact.

5. Join In with your Little Ones.

Baby Sensory, Didi Dance and many more have taken themselves on line to bring their amazing classes right to your living room. The internet is connecting us like never before, relish it and join in!


6. Get Out in the Sunshine.

Yes, so far it’s not raining, woohoo! Make the most of your precious hour every day.


7. Plan Your Days.

24 hours can seem a long time when you are drifting. So don’t drift, make a timetable for the day, it can be loose, but use it to give you and your family some structure and pull you away from screens and tv. Try a new hobby, learn a new skill, a language, anything! The day is yours. This time is yours. Relish it, don’t waste it.

And one more that is making me smile is seeing what a breather this chaos is giving our beautiful world. Did you know there have been dolphins spotted in the canals of Venice, what will be next? x

Dolphins have been seen in Venice Canals.

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