Winnie the Pooh Themed Cake Smash at PhotoBaby

By 8th July 2024Studio Chit Chat

At PhotoBaby, we love getting creative with themed cake smash sessions. Recently, we had the pleasure of celebrating Ebony Haston’s little one’s first birthday with a delightful Winnie the Pooh theme. Hannah hosted the shoot, and this charming theme provided the perfect opportunity to let her creativity shine.

Why Choose a Winnie the Pooh Theme?

Winnie the Pooh is a beloved character known for his adventures and heartwarming friendships. The classic drawings by C.H. Shepard offer endless inspiration for a fun filled, nostalgic photo shoot. For Ebony and her little one, this theme was a perfect fit, blending timeless charm with birthday fun.

Setting the Scene

To bring the theme to life, Hannah drew trees on card to frame the set, mimicking the enchanting Hundred Acre Wood. Since it was a birthday celebration, we added balloons to represent the tree’s foliage, creating a festive atmosphere.

Creative Details

We incorporated subtle nods to Winnie the Pooh throughout the shoot. This included hints of colour, a teddy bear, a dainty chair, a blue, painterly background for the big number 1, a red balloon, and of course, Pooh’s favourite – honey, in cute little pots! These details made the set both charming and cohesive.

Post-Production Magic

After the shoot, we added some finishing touches in post-production. Using watercolour effect paint brushes in Photoshop, we enhanced the scene with drawn bees and butterflies. The colour palette was kept fairly muted with creamy beige, browns, and greens, accented by little pops of red – our lovely model’s tutu skirt, the red balloon, and tulips that stood out against the blue sky. The yellow from the flowers and honey pots added a cheerful touch.

The Shoot Experience

Hannah, our talented photographer, started the session with natural portraits featuring subtle Winnie the Pooh elements. Then, Ebony’s daughter posed with a giant number one before moving on to the themed set. The birthday celebrations included making the cake, eating it, and finally, a fun clean-up in the bubble bath. This variety provided Ebony with a beautiful collection of images to choose from.

Challenges and Joys

One of the shots Hannah wanted to capture was the little model on her back against the blue painted background, holding the red balloon as a homage to Pooh’s iconic flight to the bee’s nest. Unfortunately, the baby didn’t enjoy being on her back, so we moved on to other poses. Despite this, the shoot was an absolute dream, filled with delightful moments and creativity.

A Perfect Celebration

The Winnie the Pooh themed cake smash was a huge success, providing Ebony and her little one with precious memories and stunning photographs. At PhotoBaby, we love creating unique and personalised experiences for each family, making every session as special as the milestone it celebrates.

If you’re considering a themed cake smash for your little one’s birthday, think about what theme excites you. Let us know, and we’ll bring your vision to life, just like we did for Ebony and her little one.

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