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What Will You Want from Your Pregnancy Photo Shoot?

By 10th February 2022Studio Chit Chat

Being pregnant is a wonderfully liberating time for a woman. Your body is changing and growing by the day and for once you are ‘allowed’ to have a tummy and let it all hang out. You can love yourself unconditionally with ease. All of society’s usual pressures have been lifted for a few short months, so enjoy! 


You want to celebrate this special time? Let’s talk about you and what you might want from your maternity photoshoot.


There are one or two things worth considering before enjoying your pregnancy portraits, to ensure that you get the most out of the experience.

Things to Consider

Firstly are you comfortable in front of the camera? 


Most likely your answer to this first question is no!… Don’t worry, most women aren’t! You’re a normal person, not a model, perhaps you even feel a bit daft posing? Remember your photographer is super skilled in the art of making you feel comfortable, this session is going to be really good fun…you will be laughing out loud before you know it.

Who Will Take Part?

So, let’s think about who you would like to come with you.


If you are thinking of solo portraits, do you feel confident enough to come alone or would you like a friend with you?


Do you want to involve your partner and have portraits together?


Perhaps your baby to be has siblings that could be involved too?


And then there are fur babies – after all they are part of your family!


Everyone is welcome, even if they are not in every portrait. You could start with some full family ones, and then send everyone away while you finish the session with a bit of ‘you’ time.

Where Will You Do It?

Next we need to think about where you would like your portraits creating. Are you thinking about the studio or on location? You could have them at home, or in the woods? Or on the beach? There are no hard and fast rules, it all depends on your taste and your vision.


What kind of images do you love? Are you a fan of black and white portraits, light and airy or whimsical portraits? Or something more intimate and moody?


What will you wear? We love this bit at PhotoBaby and have a growing wardrobe of beautiful maternity dresses. Ranging from sexy and sultry, to floaty boho, and then to dramatic statement pieces. So we can really help you out with this!


And what kind of person are you? Are you bold and confident and happy to bear all, or a bit more reserved.


All of these details are like ingredients that your professional photographer can take and combine to create the perfect images for you. You might be feeling very shy, so we’ll use light and shade to highlight your beautiful bump and curves, and show off all your best bits whilst hiding the bits that are knocking your confidence.

You might want your daughter involved and want something light and airy. How about we create some natural light window portraits with you in a white dress and your daughter in a fairy costume?


Perhaps you like the sound of a few of these options? Not a problem, we can make you a mix. We can even offer you a session that is part location and part studio – there are some lovely locations just walking distance from us that will be perfect for some natural maternity portraits with the dog.


Maybe you’ve seen some maternity photos you like on Google or Pintrest? Just show your photographer and let them take inspiration from your findings as they create your own portraits. Be as involved as you wish in the creative process of recording this special time.

More Than Memories

Yes your bump photo shoot will create some stunning memories and keepsakes of this moment in your life, but it can also do more:


Over the thirteen years we have been creating maternity photography, we’ve seen hundreds of pregnant ladies, some outgoing, some incredibly nervous. Every time though, they have found the experience of their pregnancy photo shoot a huge confidence boost and wonderfully up lifting. Imagine how lovely it feels to spend an afternoon being constantly told how beautiful and amazing you look, and then seeing the pictures and the proof that you do! It’s incredibly empowering. And time and again we’ve been thanked after baby has arrived, with reports that these mothers carried that empowerment with them through their birth experience. Amazing!


Beautiful memories and empowerment, all styled to your taste, what’s not to love! This is a life experience in itself. 


Want to learn more about how we do it at PhotoBaby? Or want to chat to us? Ping us a message on our Facebook page.

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