When Should We Book for Newborn Photography?

Can it be After Baby is Two Weeks Old?

Welcoming a newborn is a joyful experience. Many parents want to capture those early, fleeting moments through newborn photography. But not everyone is ready to take their baby out in the world that quickly. So can you still get newborn photos if your baby is over two weeks old? Let’s explore the possibilities for families who missed the ideal two-week window.

photo of newborn baby with purple background.Why The Two-Week Window?

Yes, newborn photography is usually recommended to be within the first two weeks and if you want to aim for this, we recommend that you book your baby in before they are born. This timeframe is preferred because babies are sleepier and more cooperative. Their bodies are still very flexible from being in the womb so they can curl up for those adorable poses. They also have smoother skin, resulting in flawless photographs.

Why Families Miss the Two-Week Window

There are all kinds of reasons why you might not be ready to bring your baby within the two week window. Factors like adjusting to life with a newborn, health concerns, or lack of awareness can cause families to miss the recommended window. However, capturing your baby’s early stages is still possible. It is important that you don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself, if you are not ready, then that’s fine, there are other options available for you.

portrait of a three month old baby wrapped in teal scarf.Poses and Options for Older Babies

While the two-week window is advantageous, experienced photographers can still pose and photograph older babies. Look out for photographers who offer special sessions for older newborns. These sessions accommodate the needs of babies beyond the traditional time frame. The photographers adapt their techniques to suit your baby’s needs. And with baby a little older, they will be capturing precious moments and genuine expressions that reflect your baby’s unique personality.

portrait of a four week old baby swaddled in a large bowl.Embracing the Journey

Remember, newborn photography freezes fleeting moments and creates lifelong memories. Every baby grows at their own pace, so cherish their unique journey. Even if you miss the recommended timeframe, you can still capture stunning photographs that celebrate your baby’s milestones and the love within your family.

Though scheduling within the first two weeks is recommended, you can still capture precious moments and create cherished memories with older babies. Experienced photographers work with babies of all ages and offer specialised sessions. The essence of newborn photography lies in capturing your little one’s love, joy, and unique personality, regardless of their age. Reach out to professional photographers who can help you create timeless images to treasure for a lifetime.

portrait of two three month old twins peeping out of a box next to a small dog.

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