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What to Look for in a Good Newborn Photographer

I was having a conversation with a client the other day and we got onto discussing our businesses and how prospects shop for business on the internet these days. We compared the age old tradition of word of mouth with price cutting tactics and establishing yourself as specialist.

It got me thinking that do all parents to be know what to look for when choosing their newborn photographer. It certainly shouldn’t be decided on price alone!

Here’s a list of qualities that a newborn photographer must have if they are going to capture the magic and wonder of your newborn baby in stunning imagery, and ensure you have a fantastic experience at the same time.

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1. Your newborn photographer MUST be patient.

Newborn babies have a mind of their own and they will absolutely want different things to your photographer. They will want feeding, cuddling, changing and feeding again. A successful newborn session must be run at baby’s pace or it will not be successful. Newborn babies cannot be rushed.

2. Great People Skills

Newborn babies take their cues from their parents,so if the parents are relaxed, the newborn will be too. Your newborn photographer should be great in the art of conversation and ensuring you feel looked after.

3. Great environment

When a newborn session can take up to two hours or more, you want to be somewhere lovely, somewhere you can relax and be comfortable.

4. Specialist Equipment

Your newborn photographer should have the correct equipment for creating your portraits. A baby posing beanbag will ensure your newborn is off the floor and safe and comfortable. Natural light or a constant daylight lamp will ensure they are not being startled by constant flashing lights.

5. Specialist Knowledge

Your newborn photographer must inspire confidence in you. You must choose a newborn photographer who has been specially trained. Some of the newborn poses that are all the range right now are actually dangerous to your baby if done incorrectly. Your baby must be moved in a certain way and supported at all times. Make sure your photographer is a member of a national body – we are members of The Guild of Photographers and BANPAS. This should give you some peace of mind that they will keep up to date with the latest advice.

6. A Sense of humour

This is a must for every newborn photographer! After all there is generally going to be a pee or poo where it shouldn’t at some point during the session. My camera got peed on last week- you’ve got to watch these little boys!

7. Creativity and style

Check out plenty of your newborn photographer’s work, make sure they have established their own style and they are not just copying others. And can they produce gorgeous work constantly. A great way to work that out is to look at their Facebook profile. Do they just show one or two great pieces over and over or do they post the new work they are creating each week. If the newborn photographer you are looking at is regularly posting new, great work then you can rely on their creativity and skills.

8. Testimonials

Nothing beats the age-old power of recommendations, but if none of your friends have experiences a newborn photographer yet, then you’ll need to look elsewhere. A photographer who is proud of their testimonials, will have them on their website – we’ve got a video of some of our clients talking. Or another great place to look in Facebook. Your photographer should have a business page and these include impartial reviews that clients can make. Read through what past clients of your newborn photographer have written, this will gain you a good insight – and look at the dates as well – make sure they are recent!


Quite a lot for you to think about, if you’d like to read more about our newborn photography, click the link. Otherwise, happy hunting and enjoy your amazing adventure with the wonderful new person in your life!

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Eleanor x

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