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What Should I Wear for my Photo Shoot?

By 3rd April 2020Studio Chit Chat

I probably get asked the question ‘ what should I wear for my photo shoot ?’ every day. And this one is much easier to answer with pictures alongside an explanation so I thought a blog would help. 

Your photo shoot is not a fashion show

What you should wear for your photo shoot is very important, but not so that you need to rush out on a shopping spree and buy loads of new clothes. We don’t want the shoot to be about the clothes, we want the clothes to emphasise the mood we want to create.

What Should I Wear for my Photo Shoot then?

Now this depends on your taste and style and who is being photographed. I will give some examples of clothes that have worked really in photo shoots.


White is my all time favourite, it is timeless, classic, simple. With everyone wearing white, there are no unwanted distractions in the image. We can focus on what is really important in the image – you and your children. And even better the portraits will work beautifully in both colour or black and white and suit any room decor at home.

example photo answering the question what should I wear for my photo shoot - white
example photo answering the question what should I wear for my photo shoot - whiteSkin

Do we need clothes? If you can be brave enough to get a little bit bare we can make portraits that are beautifully intimate. With careful camera angling, or even your baby as added cover, we can make sure nothing you don’t want sneaks into your portrait.


If you want something bolder, try black. We have a black backdrop and love to work with this in black and white. As with wearing white, by all being in one colour, the clothing gives no distractions.

I Want Some More Options for What I Should Wear for my Photo Shoot


Denim is another firm favourite for photo shoots, and can be teamed beautifully with white or skin. 


Nudes and tans will give the same soft effect as wearing white, but also give you a bit more scope for finding clothes for everyone that match. Mixing neutrals with white will also work really well.

Bright Colour

Pick any colour for your family. Red is a great choice because it is a colour that suits everybody.

three boys in a family portrait at PhotoBaby LancashireColour Splash

Another option that works very well is to pick a main colour or colours, say denims and whites for your main and then add a colour splash to make your portraits pop – say pink. This direction sounds like it is going completely against the early suggestions of just one colour, but I promise it works.

Special and Sentimental Clothes

I love it when clients bring sentimental things to the studio. I’ve done some gorgeous portraits of babies sat in the middle of Mummy’s wedding dress, or in their Christening dresses. I love it when clients bring traditional costumes from home countries and once I had a client whose Grandfather had just passed away and she brought his cardigan to each of her daughter’s milestone sessions. It made a beautiful, sentimental prop.

What Should I Wear for my Photo Shoot or What Should I NOT WEAR?

It’s important to remember that if you are in the portraits, whatever you are wearing will also be in the portraits. And the portraits are about you and not what you are wearing.

Avoid Logos

Big logos can be very distracting, and though we can often take them out of the portrait using photoshop, that will be an added charge that is easy to avoid. 

Avoid Lots of Different Patterns

Patterns can look very distracting in an image. If there are a lot of you and you are all wearing different patterns the patterns can be so distracting that it will make the image unpleasant to look at.

Avoid all Wearing lots of Different Colours

As with the patterns, too many colours can really distract us from what is important within your image – you!

Avoid being too Formal

Formal clothing is gorgeous and it has it’s place, but more often than not we want a family shoot to look fun and relaxed and this is very difficult if you are all feeling trussed up in your formal gear.


I hope this has helped to answer your question ‘ what should I wear for my photo shoot ?’. If you have any more specific questions do feel free to get in touch. The best way to reach me is via my Facebook page EllyPhotoBaby. Take care and see you soon. x

A blog focussed on answering the question what should I wear for my photo shoot.


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