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Welcome to Birdie Blog

By 5th August 2015Birdie Blog

Welcome to Birdie Blog and my very first post.

Photo Baby began with my very own bump, so it seems fitting that I begin this blog with a little story of how I got started.


I always wanted my own business, but could never quite find the confidence to completely go for it. I would start little ventures but could never quite find the nerve to go further. That was until I was pregnant with my son and I was suddenly hit with a sensation of it’s now or never; I had to make the leap now to go it alone and start my business or there would always be a million reasons why not to in the future.


This desire mixed with the overwhelming love I had for the little person growing inside me whirled itself up into an epiphany. Here in my bump was the essence of my business!


So I started PhotoBaby to record the love and the magic that our little one’s bring to the world, the amazing bonds we share and some of the precious moments we are blessed with. I have developed my passion and my love for family and photography so we can treasure these moments forever.


Seven years on, it seems funny that I once couldn’t find the confidence. I have such drive and passion for PhotoBaby; it seems to pull me through no matter what. Now we have grown from a tiny idea and a photo in my bedroom, to a beautiful studio and a team of talented photographers that capture the most magical moments in your life forever.

It’s exciting and very fulfilling, and that’s exactly what I hope for this blog too; a voyage of discovery as we explore all that is out there for our bumps and this amazing, magical moment in our lives.


Eleanor x

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