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Welcome February!

By 2nd February 2021Studio Chit Chat

January is done and dusted bringing us all the closer to normality and to spring. Shall we do a little happy dance?

I must admit, as much as I tried to follow my own advice, I have really struggled on some of those greyer days through January. I am pining for sunshine, are you? Let’s dream of tropical beaches and blue skies! 

Finding a Solution

Never one to be beaten, I’m working at combating this lockdown induced SADs with exercise. I’ve even started doing Yoga with Adrienne first thing every morning.

Till now I’ve always shied away from yoga led by a computer screen, the idea of it just seemed so sterile. More fool me because it’s fabulous! Just 20 minutes and half of that is lying on your back breathing and focussing yourself on feeling wonderful.

An Escape from the Chaos

Sure my children are bashing and banging around me. Today they were playing ‘fashion show’ and the moment my lesson was over, they whisked my yoga mat away to become the fashion runway. Stomping and sashaying in flat caps, sequins and demanding that I score their outfits. But for those twenty odd yoga minutes I got to focus on breathing and stretching and found a blissful serenity that set me up for the fashion judging and all the other treats the day might throw at me.

Adrienne’s classes can be found on You Tube. They are a wonderful reminder that we have the tools to save ourselves. We don’t need to get lost down grey day rabbit holes. You can be your own hero. We can rescue ourselves. You just need to find what works for you.

So let’s start this week with a breath of positivity! Get outdoors on a snowdrop hunt, get cozy with hot chocolate, and find that little something that will make your heart sing. And we can dream of all the beautiful blue skies that the rest of this year has in store for us!

Lots of love and see you soon xx

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