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The Weirdest Week Ever

By 23rd March 2020Studio Chit Chat

For all of us the last week has passed in a surreal blur. At the studio we’ve lost Hannah, her boyfriend was worried he had symptoms and so they are self isolating. Then over the past few days we’ve watched with terror as our full diary has gradually evaporated. 


The few shoots I’ve had this last week were pure joy and escapism for everyone involved. But afterwards it was back to reality and a cleaning frenzy as we’d wipe everything down or send it off to the laundry before our next visitor arrived.

Corona Virus Changes

On Wednesday my Uni closed, then on Friday it was the schools. My Auntie, who has Alzheimer’s is getting very upset that all her visits are dwindling, she thinks we’ve all abandoned her. My Dad lives alone and he has lost his life line of the pub. The kids are off and my oldies need me. Plus it’s very hard to practice social distancing during a photo shoot. So even though we are not on the Government’s list, we have decided it is in everyone’s best interests if we close too.

Time to Close

We’ll still see one or two clients this week, but for the rest of you we’d like to postpone your session until this madness calms down. We’ll be in touch, This is a blip.

We Have So Much

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by everything. But we are in the very fortunate position of being able to sit it out in comfort. As long as we stay away from each other we are all safe. Nothing is getting blown up, we are not in a war zone. 

And we have lovely homes. My heart keeps breaking every time I think of the homeless in this country and how those who live in less fortunate countries are coping. We are so lucky, to keep our anxiety at bay, we just need to focus on what we can do rather than what we can’t.  

Big Questions

I do have big questions about how it is being handled at the top though. It’s a relief that we get a mortgage holiday, but why will it gain interest? Why are the banks allowed to profiteer from this crisis? Why also have they decided that everyone working get’s 80% of their wages, those in super high paid jobs don’t need 80% of whatever crazy amount they earn to get through the next few weeks. Everyone in the world is in the same boat, So everything should just be paused. Stop the economy, stop the interest, make sure everyone has enough to buy their food, and let everything else just pause. Don’t borrow millions from an imaginary bank to feed the fat cats and use this as an excuse to throw us into more austerity once it is over!

Staying Happy and Safe

Anyway, right now it is as important to keep anger at bay too. I am focussing on what I can do. And that is to keep my family happy and safe. 

Thank you for all your repeat custom, your loyalty has made PhotoBaby what it is. I’m going to miss photographing all your bumps and little ones, but we will be back. So stay safe and see you on the other side of this crazy!

Lot and lots of love, Elly x

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