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Time Travelling in the Mollycroft, A Unique Experience

By 3rd November 2018Birdie Blog, Studio Chit Chat

At PhotoBaby I am always striving to give a personal and unique experience, and last week I had a wonderful reminder of why this approach is so important.

I took a few of days off and my family and I booked a couple of nights at Yorkshire’s Mollycroft. A beautifully restored 1940’s showman’s home that gives a wonderful glimpse of how life once was and is available to stay in.

We had gone with a long list of things we’d like to do in the area, but once we got there, we didn’t want to leave!


We arrived in the early evening to the warm welcoming glow of the wood burner. A bottle of homemade damson gin sat on the side with an invitation to help ourselves, and and bottle of wine with a personal note were left in the kitchen for us. We felt very welcome!

My children were bursting with excitement that their beds for the next two nights were cupboards in the wall, and I was relishing that we had this time to be together unplugged.

Time Travelling

Before we arrived, we just thought we’d booked a place to stay, but actually we bought a time travelling experience. The Mollycroft has an outdoor shower, a long drop toilet and everything is provided for cooking on an outdoor fire.

But it is all made so easy! All the wood provided was perfectly seasoned. And there was even charcoal if you wanted a less smoky burn. With an abundance of firelighters, gloves and even instructions on how to set a fire even a fire rookie like myself had a fire going in no time!

When it comes to shower time, the water is already mixed to the perfect temperature so there is no shivering and messing about. And a boardwalk has been set up so you can visit the loo in your slippers.

A Memorable Experience

Brewing coffee and sizzling sausages on a campfire for two days was a wonderful experience. Every shower was a hilarious giggle. And our night visits to the loo were star lit adventures. This has been a jolly we will never forget.

Now I am back with my creature comforts. I have a new found appreciation for my indoor bathroom and I’m inspired. Watch this space. Let me see how I can create an even more unique experience at PhotoBaby for you. And follow the link if you’d like to visit the Mollycoft yourself.

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