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Three Life Changers I’m Really Glad I Did Last Year

By 21st January 2017Birdie Blog, Studio Chit Chat

For me the New Year is always a time for reviewing and looking at the past twelve months, three things really stand out as life changers.

Life Changer One: I Got Some Physio

Towards the end of 2015 I was finding myself in a lot of pain from working; my camera is heavy and digital photography involves a lot of computer work and the repetitive strain was taking it’s toll. I was also getting tremendous headaches daily and I was beginning to think I’d have to give up my dream.

I met physiotherapist Leah Dalby through networking and wondered if she could help me. She has a lovely home practice over looking her garden, and her manner and the space put me at ease straight away. She asked me to take my camera along to the first session and show me how I hold it and work. I was amazed to learn that my camera is about the same weight as my head, and the way I was holding it was giving my neck the strain of two heads! Hence the headaches.


Over just a few weeks Leah worked on putting me back together and making me aware of my posture and how different habits were harming me. She gave me subtle little exercises to do in between photo shoots, and the results have been amazing. This winter I’ve been the busiest I’ve ever been with around twenty photo shoots in some weeks, and my body has sailed through it all. No more head aches and no more stabbing pain and hopefully with the techniques and tips that Leah has given me, they won’t be back either.

Life Changer Two: I got some Life Coaching

Last year I was beginning to feel as if I was losing control, I had no life balance and was constantly feeling guilty. When I was working I was worrying about my family, and when I was supposed to be enjoying family time, I found myself fretting about the work I needed to do.

Amanda Green invited me to try a six week course of life coaching and it was exactly what I needed.


We’d meet once a week and over coffee and cake Amanda would help me to find the answers to my problems, and then help me plot out a series of actions that would lead me to the solutions I needed. At the first session we focused on my family time and she allowed me to see how unproductive my current behaviour was. I put a few simple rules in place such as leaving my mobile in my handbag when I get home, and not doing business between 3.15pm and 7pm if I am being Mum. Everything can wait just a little while! These little changes have made a huge difference, now I’m enjoying my down time so much more and I’m ten times more focussed when it is work time.

Once we had tweaked immediate smaller issues we started looking at the bigger picture, Amanda has helped me to think big and look clearly at the long term. I’ve found ways to improve my photography business every week and twelve months on PhotoBaby a completely different business that is so much better in every way.

Whatever your walk of life, I am convinced that coaching can be a life changer. We’ll soon see because I bought my hubby a package with Amanda as a Christmas present.

Life Changer Three: I started Yoga Classes

My New Years resolution last year was to give myself back a bit of me time. So for the third of my life changers I joined a local yoga class and I was instantly hooked!

After trying out a few different teachers, I found Stephen and I now go to his Rocket Yoga class on a Wednesday in Heysham. The weekly class is a workout, a giggle and I’m learning to do some really cool balances. My body gets a little bit stronger every week and I’ve made some fantastic new friends through the class. Stephen is an amazing teacher who instils confidence and really makes you believe in yourself, his class is a space where it is safe to try and it’s ok to go wrong, and when you do get it right, you get a gold star. He’s planning Yoga on the beach in the summer and I can’t wait!


(This is Stephen doing the Peacock balance and we are learning to do it too.)

So there you go, three life changers that have enriched my life and improved my well being beyond belief.

I highly recommend Leah, Amanda and Stephen and I’m sure they could bring about some awesome changes in your life too.

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