Plans for an Extra Special Easter Celebration

Who fancies having a bit of fun and getting creative while we mark our little one’s very first visit from the Easter Bunny?

Getting Creative

At PhotoBaby we’ve been having so much fun creating this year’s Easter photoshoot set for you. We’ve been making sure we bring you an Easter photo shoot that is utterly unique and special! A gorgeous celebration of spring and everything we love about this time of year: Cherry blossom, delicate yellow wild primroses, bold golden forsythia, grape hyacinth, violets and buds galore!

In the Studio

And no need to be outdoors for this Easter session, we don’t have to play run the gauntlet with our Northern English spring weather. We’re bringing the nature in doors to you! We have it all planned out. In the studio your little one will have lots of fun. They’ll pose in our giant nest and play with our feather boas. Perhaps try on our collection of bunny hats or even wear a flowery easter bonnet? The bigger ones will be climbing in and out of buckets as we snap away. The little ones will be nestled into fluffy and furry blankets. And then with a little bit of technical wizardry buckets will become eggs, giant nest’s will shrink before your eyes and your little ones will magically find their way into your favourite miniature scenes!

Miniature Magic

Yes,  this year we are working in miniature, opening up a whole new world of ideas for you. We’ve been putting little nests onto those branches of real cherry blossom, nestling real eggs in beautiful little scapes of wild flowers. It’s such a joyful celebration and we can’t wait to share it with you!

What else would you like to do?

And as usual with our seasonal specials- this quirky bit can play as big or as little a roll in the shoot as you choose. When you think we’ve celebrated Easter enough, we can move onto exploring the rest of the studio. Maybe enjoy some family portraits on the big bed? Or pose in the lounge setting, or enjoy a swing under the blossom tree? We make some suggestions for you and you can just let us know what you would like to do!


The Best Bit!

If you get in touch before the end of April, we have 5 vouchers available for these sessions so you can come for just a £10 deposit! We’ll give them away on a first come, first served basis so shout us quick! Once they are gone we’ll be hosting these mini shoots for £20. Each session comes with a gorgeous luxury metallic  print of your favourite portrait and we’ve put together some special packages for our Easter guests too! For more info fill in the form or drop us a line via Facebook.

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