Baby’s Christmas Photo Shoot Lancashire

Your baby’s first Christmas is so special, such a milestone to be treasured and remembered. By your baby’s second and third Christmas they are becoming more and more aware of the magic, the  anticipation and excitement; Santa will soon be here, there are cards to make, reindeers to feed, and then as they get older, letters to write. We remember feeling that magic, and now as parents it is such a joy to watch our little ones experience it.

newborn baby in Santa hat.

baby in Santa hat.

A Special Experience

A Christmas photo shoot is special on so many levels, firstly it gives you a beautiful memento of this special time. It provides a wealth of Christmas present options that you know your family are going to adore and treasure forever. And it is a wonderful festive experience in itself.

Every year we add a little something extra to our Christmas routines, and every year we are super excited to launch these sessions and see you come and enjoy them!

baby opening present while dog watches.

Siblings reading book by light of Christmas tree.

Some photographers rely solely on printed backdrops. But at PhotoBaby we like to build physical sets that your little ones can explore and experience. We have a living room, with a stunning Christmas tree, mounds of presents and a  fireplace hung with stockings. This scene works in multiple ways. It is a beautiful backdrop for family portraits, sibling or solo baby portraits. It works  in day light or low light.  We can light all our faux candles to sit your baby among, or your siblings can huddle together for a magically lit story time.

This year we have made our living room interchangeable; it can be classic red and gold, or a more contemporary, teal, rose gold and gold. You choose!

girl sat under Christmas tree.

girl smiling in front of Christmas lights.

How about a Sleigh Ride?

Then we have lots of other scenes for you to choose from too. How about an adventure in the sleigh? Your little one can ride it through the snowy night!

Siblings dressed as fairies in a sleigh.

Baby dressed as Santa asleep in sleigh.

Adventure Time

Perhaps they will fly to the polar bear forest! Where your little ones can feed the bears and make snowballs with them. Then they might pop in at our pink and blue forrest or toddlers might like to play on the winter swing. (these are both new – we’ll get pictures up as soon as we have our samples).

Girl kissing brother in mock winter forest.

Toddler sat with panda in mock winter forest.

Curl Up In Our Christmas Bed

After all that adventure, the next best thing might be to curl up in the Christmas bed. Christmas PJ’s are a must! This is also a great opportunity for family portraits too.

Little girl kissing her new baby brother.

Boy in Christmas PJ's with present.

When to Book

From mid October we merge Christmas with autumn so you can come and enjoy a photo shoot that offers you a bit of both options. Come November we switch completely to the Christmas routine so all the sets will be available for you. You can book at any time and weekends start to get booked up very early in the year. You can book by giving us a call, messaging us on Facebook or filling in the form.

What Does it Cost?

The session fee is just £20 for an hour or studio time and this will include your choice of a gift print or a portrait bauble. Then for extra work you will be able to build your own package depending on what you want and your budget.


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