Celebrating the Seasons

We love celebrating the seasons at PhotoBaby and having fun with all that they bring. Your first year with baby is so full of changes, and by marking the seasons we can bring you added variety to your shoots. And we’d like to think this gives you more ways to remember the special times you are experiencing. Your little one might learn to sit as the bluebells flower, or walk in time to have the freedom to steal the baubles from our Christmas tree.

Yes we are advocates of natural photography and keeping things simple. But we like to have fun too and do the odd quirky portrait too. So from Valentines, through Easter, the bluebells, summer meadows, pumpkin time and up to Christmas we do our best to bring you treat after treat to celebrate your special moments. 

Little girl looking upward surrounded by red hearts.

twin girls in a crate with a red rose.

mother and children in the bluebells.

four children holding hands in the bluebells.

Portrait of little girl sat in copper bowl.

Little boy wearing fox hat.

Lttle girl kissing her brother. Both dresses as Christmas elves.

sleeping newborn in Santa hat and little girl looking at a Christmas tree.