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Thank You Amanda Green – Emotional Health

By 18th March 2020Studio Chit Chat

Thank you Amanda Green! I was on Amanda’s course at the weekend, learning how to keep my emotional health in check. And it couldn’t have been better timed.


I felt so overwhelmed by the big C when I woke up this morning that I had to just get out and run. We live right by the Lancaster canal, so I’m very lucky to be able to escape to the countryside within minutes. And pounding through the drizzle at 6am is surprisingly cathartic.

‘What If’s’ Are Not Real

As I ran, I tried to start putting some of Amanda Green’s advice into practice. Reminding myself that all the fears that are flying round my head, are only ‘what ifs’. None of my fears have happened, and they may never happen! Fear isn’t real, it’s an emotion.

Focus on the Moment

I gave myself this little talking too and then really focussed on being in the moment; Focussing on the drizzle, my stride, the ducks, the herd of rabbits that ran across my path, the two that peered at me from the bank. It was actually very lovely to be out. Just as I was returning home, I saw a kingfisher, so blue, so beautiful. And then a tear or two popped out, but it felt pretty good.

Vibe of the Day

Amanda gave us all a pack of cards, a different idea on each one to help give each day a positive focus. My card for today is Gratitude and I have to think of ten things I am thankful for, so here goes:

Ten things I am Grateful For
  1. My wonderful children
  2. My amazing Daniel
  3. The rest of my bonkers family – sorry I can’t list you individually or I’ll run out of gratitude room.
  4. My precious friends – ditto.
  5. Yesterday’s shoots – we did four Easter smash up shoots and they were an absolute joy.
  6. Filberts bakery – their bread is amazing and yesterday when they had nothing left, they gave us a loaf that I think they had kept aside for themselves.
  7. Studying for my MA – it has been the most wonderful learning experience I’ve ever had. 
  8. My beautiful studio – we’ve worked so hard to make it into a unique and special space, and I get so much joy from seeing our clients enjoy the space and experience.
  9. Food! – cooking is my new hobby – Isa Chandra Moskowitz is a genius. Just like I’m finding with my MA, there is so much to learn – bring it on!
  10. My garden – right now it is full of tiny yellow daffodils and purple pom pom flowers, very pretty.

And now I’ve got started I could go on and on. I’ve been living my dream. It’s bloody hard work, but it’s what I wanted and I need to remember that.

family shot to illustrate the importance of emotional health.family shot to illustrate the importance of emotional health.
family shot to illustrate the importance of emotional health.Lock Down

If/When the lock down comes, I’m sure we’ll get through it. We popped into Waterstones yesterday so the kids could use their world book day vouchers. I said “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you had the time to sit and read all these books.” Daniel said “It may happen.” So I’m planning for the possibility, but the reading may have to wait because I’m thinking I’ll get all the decorating done that I’ve been putting off until my MA is finished. I’m dreaming of a Scandi style bedroom with white floorboards and my daughter is desperate for a treehouse, so that should keep us busy. Life is just going to be put on hold for a bit. And something tells me, if we do have a lock down, there could be a baby boom in a few months time. 

Emotional Health

Thank you for the perspective Amanda! 

Amanda is an emotional health and well being coach, with a wealth of tips and strategies to help us through the coming weeks. I highly recommend liking her page and bringing her under your radar! she could be exactly what you need right now.

Big love and hang on in there, Eleanor x

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