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Summer Fun and Lancashire Location Photo Shoots

By 15th July 2021Studio Chit Chat

I can’t decide if everywhere is looking especially beautiful this year or if I have just kindled a greater appreciation of nature. Either way I have never enjoyed being outdoors quite so much! And I keep getting a real pining for wild swimming and the cold thrill of being in water surrounded by nature.

Apparently I’m not alone in this either. Wild swimming groups are popping up all over social media and there is seemingly science behind the positive effect of cold water on our bodies. It is said to boost mental health, give a natural high, reduce stress and improve circulation, and more. 

My sister has a book of wild swimming places and we’ve made it our summer project to start working through the book. We’ll be off up to Eskdale with the kids later next week.

This appreciation has definitely had an impact on this year’s location photography too. Everywhere we have visited has looked so beautiful and this has fed into all the image making. So it’s time to make some more! 

Beach Photo Shoot?

How about a day at the beach? I’m proposing the 8th and 9th of August. We’ll meet on the Barrows at Heysham and pose for photos on and around the ruin. Race through the meadow land and roll in the long grass, before heading down to the Barrows secluded beach. We’ll take a bucket and spade for some quintessential English summer portraits with sandy toes and sand castles in the making. 

River Photo Shoot?

Or perhaps your little ones would prefer a paddle in the Lune? Let’s meet at the Crook O Lune on the 20th or 21st August, we’ll explore the hidden bridges and make iconic portraits in the long grass. We’ll play peepo in the trees before climbing down the fairy steps to paddle and splash. And if we are lucky the ducks might pop by to say hello too.

Book Your Session

If you have Portrait Club, or an Annual Package, you can book one of these lovely location photoshoots for free! If not they are half price until the end of the month. Just £30 with a luxury 10×8 metallic print.

Drop us a line or fill in the form if your want to come, and if the dates are no good for you, drop us a line anyway because I’m sure we’d be able to find another suitable date. 

Yes Please – We’d Love a Summer Location Photo Shoot!

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And if the wild swimming has tickled your fancy, make sure you do it safely. Join a group or make sure you have someone with you and always choose a safe spot.

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