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Summer Holiday Survival Guide – 5 Top Tips

By 4th August 2019Studio Chit Chat

I absolutely love the summer holiday and having the freedom to spend more time with my children. It can be tough balancing parenting with your work responsibilities, but these are six beautiful weeks that are ours to enjoy as family time and being together. Over the years I’ve learnt some great techniques to help juggle the time to manage both work and play and make the most of it. Here’s my survival guide: 

1. Summer Holiday Planning

You have six weeks, so plan ahead. What outings and activities have you all been wanting to do? Get to a favourite park? Catch up with an old friend? Pick a date and get them in the diary so they happen.

2. Get Outside

Kids need exercising! Unless you want them bouncing off the walls, find some way for them to burn off all that energy. Could be a quick stroll round the block, a trampoline challenge or races round the garden. Have fun and be inventive!

3. Catch Up With Friends and Family

You don’t have to do your childcare alone, take the opportunity to catch up with the people you love. You’ll get grown up conversation and a bit of help too.

4. What’s On in the Area this Summer Holiday?

This is a great time for fetes and galas and other events. Plus we live in such a beautiful place, we have the beach, the lakes and some stunning rivers all very close by. Find out what’s going on and make the most of your area this summer.

5. Don’t Burn Yourself Out

All these tips don’t mean you have to be super Mum. You need to have the energy to work as well, so spread everything out and make sure you leave a bit of down time for you too. Perhaps keep something lovely in the fridge to enjoy in the garden after kiddies bed time? 

Summer Holiday Survival Tip - Make Time for You.

Enjoy your summer holiday juggling and making those memories. I’ll see you on the other side! x

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