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Studio Makeover Extravaganza

By 26th March 2021Studio Chit Chat

It has been all go the past couple of weeks getting everything ready for you. The studio still looks a little like a building site, but everything will be singing and dancing by the 12th April. Fingers crossed this date sticks!

So what have we been doing? If you’ve been to the studio at all recently, you’ll have seen how many props we have to hand these days – it has got a little bit crazy! We have baskets and boxes coming out of our ears and enough maternity dresses to dress half of Lancaster.

Getting Ideas

Over lockdown I’ve devoured one or two DIY and tidying up series on Netflix as well as stalking some amazing photography studios around the world. The inspiration has flowed forth. 

Putting my daughter to work folding all our backdrops!

Putting my daughter to work folding all our backdrops!

Studio in state of DIY chaos

Can you see the vision yet?

We’ve given everything a home and a pretty home too. Storage is king and it is beautiful – or it will be when it’s finished! Organisation and colour coordination, does that get you excited too? I want to do all this to my home now as well!

Learning DIY Skills

We’ve all chipped in, and grown quite savvy with the old saw and drill and reading flat pack instructions! Our trusty builder Martin has advised us along the way, and done all the biggest jobs. He comes highly recommended if you are looking for a handy man.

My son painting studio sets.

My son is hard at work painting our new sets.

Making the Studio Work for Us

We’ve also been thinking about how we work and how we can make the space work for us. We have revamped our office to maximise workflow. Built a specific newborn photography station to save our knees. And to make the studio all the more COVID friendly we’ve put in a second samples station upstairs. Plus we’ve finally put a new floor into the loo.


new sequin wallpaper in window display.

Sequins darling? We thought we’d go for something a bit different with this season’s window display.

new floor boards and boarded in pipes in toilet.

Remember those creaky old floorboards? Not any more! Our quirky little loo has had a revamp.

Newborn posing table framework.

Can you guess what it is yet?

There is more, but you’ll just have to come and visit us to see.

We can’t wait until that can happen!


See you soon!

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