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Resilient Photo Studio Dreams for 2022

By 30th January 2022Studio Chit Chat

I always think about January as being the sleepy month. A time for hibernation and reflection and planning. What do we want from the year? How are we going to make it happen? Do you do the same?

So what do I want?……No more pandemic!!!!

The other day I Googled ‘how long did the Spanish flu last’, and the rough answer was two years, and we can tick that box, so maybe, maybe, fingers tightly crossed, we are at the end now.


And what a roller coaster the last two years have been. Covid has forced some pretty radical changes to our lovely photo studio.

We’ve grown from a little trio into a vibrant team of seven and are now creating treasures seven days a week. 

screenshot of nine baby portraits.Crisis

It’s been a bit bumpy though. In September last year we had quite a crisis. First Ashton did something to her knee and had to spend several weeks in a cast – no crawling round the floor for her! And that was just the beginning. One by one we dropped like flies, until we were left with just one shooter.

And that was pretty much us until mid October.

Almost no work for six weeks! And after all the Covid closures too. This kind of event is known for killing off small businesses. Yet we muddled through it and all came back just in time for an extra early Christmas rush. We made it! 

screenshot of nine baby portraits.The Secret to Survival

I’m sure we survived because we took the leap and expanded. We are stronger together….what’s that old saying?… “It takes a village to raise a child”. That goes for us too, it takes a village to run PhotoBaby. 

If you research the secret to business longevity a surprisingly holistic answer pops back listing a company’s values, culture, openness to change, and ability to listen to customers

Well, we’ve certainly changed, and I’m pretty proud of how we do the rest of that list, but there is always room for improvement. So I’ve decided to get us focussed. We’ve entered a few competitions for this year to help us make those improvements. Let’s get our resilience armour even stronger and see if this can be the year that we really stack up our trophy cupboard too.

Getting Stuck In

So back to January…Yes we’ve planned and reflected, but it hasn’t been very sleepy. We have been thrilled and amazed at how many of you have visited us. We’ve been fully booked for most of the month which is a new first and makes up for September! Thank you!

February is looking similar, so this could be a very busy year.

See you soon! x

screenshot of nine baby portraits.

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